What to Do with Wedding Dress after Wedding

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A wedding dress certainly has a great sentimental value. All those hours spent finding the dress, fitting, and in the end, wearing it on your big day will make you very attached to the gown. You will inevitably be sad to take it off and to realize that your wedding day is over.

Now that you have said ‘I do’, unwrapped the presents, and finished off those honeymoon plans, you started to wonder – what should I do with my wedding dress?

There are several things you can do with your wedding dress. You can keep it, sell it, professionally preserve it or reuse it. We have found some incredibly smart ways to transform your wedding dress but to keep it forever in your memory.

Do you have to keep your wedding dress?

First of all, many women wonder – do they have to keep the wedding dress? You can, but it not obligatory. Many women keep it forever as a treasure a memory of their wedding day.

However, not all women are emotionally attached to their wedding dresses. You can either sell or donate your dress. In fact, there is no right or wrong thing to do with your dress. But, there are many creative ways to make it usable again. Read more down below and tell us what do you think.

Sell it -Selling Your Wedding Dress

If you would like to add some extra cash to your bank account and you are into selling your wedding dress, then do it. It is best to use many different online platforms to sell your dress. This can be quite handy for some since they can see how the dress looks on you. Post a lot of photos, and make your offer.

Don’t forget to mention the material, condition of the dress, and possible damages (if there are some). You can even organize fittings, just don’t do it at home. Find some other place and don’t write your personal info on any website.

Donate it – Donate Your Wedding Dress to Charity

In the last few years, many brides decided to donate rather than sell their wedding gowns. That is for a great cause, and we definitely think you should consider this option as well.

Not only you will be giving your dress to somebody who needs it but can’t afford it, but you will also raise funds for charity. Ask your local shops, charity organizations, and search online places that sell second-hand wedding dresses if they would accept yours.

Convert it – Dye it into other colors

Are you feeling creative? You can convert your wedding dress into a completely new gown. If your seamstress is skilled enough you can ask her to turn your dress into an evening gown or to transform it completely for someone younger – your nieces or kids.

Dyeing your dress into another color is yet another fantastic way to give it another lease of life. This is an eco-friendly solution and will prolong the life of your wedding dress, rather than throwing it away.

Preserving your wedding dress
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Reuse it – Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Another handy solution, if you are planning to wear your wedding dress again, is to reuse it. You can wear it during renewing your vows with your partner or give it to another relative for their wedding day.

In order to reuse your wedding gown, you need to store it properly. Keep it in a suitable box, with all necessary items alongside that will prevent mold and discoloration.

Frame it – Alter Your Wedding Dress

You can actually frame your wedding dress and turn it into a piece of art. Imagine – a big frame in your living room or bedroom that you can admire all day long.

This is not a job for you to do alone. You should hire professionals to seal, protect, and frame your wedding dress. This would be a perfect and unique decoration for your house. Make sure to make enough space on the wall for your oversized frame. 

Have a Party

There is quite an interesting way to make a celebration for your wedding dress once again. You can make a party! Invite all your girlfriends and tell them to wear their wedding dresses if they still have them. You can recreate that famous scene from Friends, drink your favorite cocktails, and enjoy each other’s company.

Making other things of your old wedding dress
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Make Home Decor Items

If you are feeling crafty and you like DIY items around the house, then look no further than your wedding dress. You will be surprised how many different things you can make out of your gown.

If you are about to become a parent, think about making tulle crib hanging. It will match perfectly into a newborn room. Make sure your dress is dry-cleaned first. You can also try making a blanket and doll clothing for your baby girl to play with.

Believe it or not, a wedding dress can turn into wonderful pillowcases. Options are endless – you can make pillows for the living room, bedroom, or turn the dress into a ring bearer pillow for your friend’s wedding.

Think about and find out tutorials on how to make these things as well:

  • Clutch
  • Necklace
  • Scarf
  • Christmas decoration

Think Carefully – Trash it or Not?

Whatever you plan to do with your dress is your decision. However, there is a popular way that many women tried and it is called trashing the dress. You get photos along the way, with you covered in paint, dressed in a gown jumping in a sea.

Even though it can be cute, but we don’t advise you to waste your dress like that. Ruining it with neon paint and then jumping into the sea is not an eco-friendly way of getting rid of your wedding dress.

Instead, try some of these things you have just read about. Sell, donate, give to your cousin or simply, store it. But please, do not trash your dress. Be sustainable and make something nice out of it. 

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