What is The Best Wedding Hairstyle for Every Zodiac Sign

You have spent so much time thinking about and choosing your wedding dress. Now is the time to decide about your best wedding hairstyle. But there are so many options! You feel the pressure, don’t know what to choose, and start feeling stressed out. Why don’t you look towards your zodiac sign? You can use it as an inspo.

If you are an astrology believer then you know that zodiac sign can influence everything – from your personality, love life to your style. There is a great hairstyle for every sign whether you are Taurus or Cancer.

Whether you are Gemini who likes their multiple personalities, Taurus who likes luxury and being down to the earth, or a controlling Scorpio – you got your wedding day look covered. Not only hairstyles but accessories as well can turn even the most simple styles into extraordinary ones.

Let’s check out what is written in the stars, shall we?

Aries hairstyle: March 21–April 19

You Are: Aries are wild, creative, and adventurous. You like to move, so you need something that can last all day long, but doesn’t require constant touch-ups.

Your Hairstyle: Anything voluminous, curly, and not over-the-line. You like to feel confident, so don’t pick anything that you don’t like. Straight hair with a jeweled headband can also come in handy.

Taurus hairstyle: April 20–May 20

You Are: Taurus likes luxury and glamour. On the other hand, they like to feel confident, down to earth, and stable, so nothing too complicated or messy shouldn’t come as your hairstyle.

Your Hairstyle: High and gathered curls will make you feel glam and elegant. For more romance, pick braid with some fresh flowers in your hair.

Gemini hairstyle: May 21–June 20

You Are: Gemini would like to experience the best of both of the worlds. They are also fun and flirty and like to talk with their guests without anything that can bother them.

Your Hairstyle: Combine different hairstyles and you will get a perfect one for this zodiac. Half up half down waves are just perfect. Also, don’t hesitate to try anything from bobs and pixie styles to long and sleek ones.

Cancer hairstyle: June 21–July 22

You Are: Traditionalist, romantic, and feminine Cancers would like to have exactly that kind of hairstyle. You like the glamour of old Hollywood so your hairstyle should be from that era.

Your Hairstyle: Loose waves and sleek hair with minimal accessories will show off that glamorous and sophisticated side that Cancer hides.

Leo hairstyle: July 23–August 22

You Are: You should embrace your inner lion and shine on your wedding day. You like drama, but not on your big day! Leos are confident and like to rock anything that is bold and unique.

Your Hairstyle: Choose a sparkly headpiece for your chignon bun. On the other hand, you can go for more wild looks: curls, waves, and voluminous updos – just like a lion.

Virgo hairstyle: August 23–September 22

You Are: Virgos are a bit shy and they like to show off their simple yet perfect side. Sleek, short, and sweet is what you are looking for, not only in life but in hairstyle as well.

Your Hairstyle: Anything sleek and polished is suited for a Virgo. Top knots, minimalistic bob with a lace veil, or sleek wavy textured hair.

Libra hairstyle: September 23–October 22

You Are: Libras are uncomplicated yet very good-mannered. They don’t like to complicate things, adore peace and partnership.

Your Hairstyle: Show off your natural texture and hair color. You can simply let your hair fall naturally. Forget about blow dryers and curling wands. Make a balance between casual and elegant with some interesting hairpin or with subtle waves.

Scorpio hairstyle: October 23–November 21

You Are: Scorpio likes to control everything. This watery sign is also mysterious and passionate about things. Scorpios like to plan everything including their wedding day, alongside the dress and the hairstyle.

Your Hairstyle: A fishtail braid will suit you perfectly on your wedding day. Add some wedding flowers or pearly accessory to your braid just to enhance your mystique.

Sagittarius hairstyle: November 22–December 21

You Are: Sagittarius really enjoys life and doesn’t like to stress out over small stuff. You would like to be free on your wedding day so you can talk and dance with your guests. You are bold yet don’t like anything to be overdone.

Your Hairstyle: Something that is bold yet with a flair. A simple ponytail or messy chignon with accessories will work just perfectly on your wedding day.

Capricorn hairstyle: December 22–January 19

You Are: Capricorns are classy and traditional. They like to take control and they are disciplined. You prefer classic beauty, clean lines, and kind of a professional appearance.

Your Hairstyle: Simple yet elegant hairstyles like chignons, classic buns, twisted updos are the choices that are written in the stars for this sign.

Aquarius hairstyle: January 20–February 18

You Are: Aquariuses are free souls, unique that don’t care for traditions. You have a unique style, love interesting and colorful accessories. It is not a coincidence that you would love something special for your wedding day as well.

Your Hairstyle: You can have flowers in your hair, add a colorful bandana, or go with a simple straight hairstyle. Oversized fishtail braid enhanced with accessories is yet another option for you, Aquarius.

Pisces hairstyle: February 19–March 20

You Are: Pisces are dreamers, romantic souls. They enjoy their alone time, yet prefer reading and living in a fairy tale. That is how they imagine their wedding to be. As a watery sign, you like it when shapes are fluid and flowy.

Your Hairstyle: Beach waves or loose braids match with your watery sign, whether you are having your wedding day by the beach or not. Go for boho-inspired looks, and enhance your natural hair.


Whenever you don’t have inspiration for your wedding day, check out what is written in your stars. Sometimes, you will be amazed by how much your zodiac matches with your style and character.

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