Wedding Bouquet Inspiration_ 10 Trends for 2021

One thing is sure – weddings are happening, menus are chosen, the band set to play, and wedding bouquet inspiration is on point.

In whatever shape and color, wedding bouquets are here to make a statement. Brides like them to be unique, and there is nothing less to be seen in 2021. This year, bouquets are taken to the next level. Simply, with smaller guest lists, some couples can afford more and emphasize every detail, including flowers and decor.

We have gathered some of the most beautiful wedding bouquets that can serve you as an inspiration for your big day. A combination of all sorts of flowers and colors is simply magical. You will surely enjoy it.

Coral Red

Coral red is a super color for summer weddings. Decor or wedding bouquets in this shade will surely steal the show. A combination of red roses, ranunculus, and some wildflowers will match any summerish decor style.

Different Textures

Dried flowers look bohemian yet very sophisticated. Different textures of these flowers will surely make a balance, even though there are practically no fresh flowers. You can also mix dried and fresh flowers if you would like to get even more texture to the bouquet.

Earth Toned Bouquet

If you are planning your wedding in the fall or you would like to match your boho theme with a bouquet, then this one is for you. Earth tones, a lot of beige, brownish, and blush petals are what make this bouquet unique and so beautiful.

Petite Flower Bouquets

Some women are not a fan of huge, massive bouquets. If you are one of those who prefer something petite and delicate, then this is the one for you. A mix of wildflowers and anemones is simply gorgeous. So neutral yet so glamorous, perfect for outdoor weddings.

Violet Monochrome

Violet is a color of romance, compassion, and imagination. This massive bouquet is surely one of the things that will stand out from the crowd during the wedding ceremony. Make sure to match it with neutral wedding decoration.

Pretty in Pink

Where there is pink there are peonies. Peonies are surely the most popular flowers for a wedding bouquet inspiration. Pretty, fluffy, and pink – you simply can’t resist holding them while walking down the aisle.

All Those Wildflowers

Having a bouquet of wildflowers is something that many women want in 2021. Since there will be mostly summer and fall weddings, the choice of wildflowers is enormous. Don’t hesitate to mix the colors, shapes, and sizes of flowers.

Tropical Vibes

Have you ever seen a paddle cactus in a bouquet? It is possible! Look at this gorgeous wedding bouquet, made of orchids, anthuriums, eucalyptus, and other mixture of fresh and wildflowers.

Bold Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is so bohemian that you must include it in your boho-inspired wedding theme. However, don’t stop at decor only. Try to incorporate this bold pampas grass into your bouquet as well. It will appear gorgeous in combination with all other fresh or dried flowers.

Traditional White

For those that are eager to have a traditional, classy, and black-tie wedding ceremony, a white bouquet is simply unavoidable. You can mix the flowers, or add greenery to upgrade the bouquet. Whatever you pick, it will exude beauty and glamour.

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