What is The Best Gift for Wedding Anniversary by Years

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The practice of giving specific anniversary gifts based on the number of years dates back to the Middle century. The gifts are growing stronger as years pass as well as your relationship. They start with simple paper and finish with the 50th anniversary and gold.

These traditional presents are very popular even in the modern world. Many of these themed anniversaries evolved over hundreds of years. For each year there are specific items you can gift – flowers, jewelry, and gemstones all associated with each anniversary year.

1st Anniversary

Symbol: Paper – it symbolizes new beginnings and how fragile a new relationship can be.

Traditional Gift: Anything made of paper – wedding vows framed and letter-pressed, home portraits, journals, tickets, and books.

Modern Gift: Clocks.

Jewelry: Gold.

Flower: Carnations and Pansy.

Color: Gold or Yellow.

2nd Anniversary

Symbol: Cotton – it symbolizes the adaptability of a new and now growing relationship.

Traditional Gift: Cotton sheets, personalized pillowcases, a scarf, and other things made of cotton.

Modern Gift: China.

Jewelry: Garnet.

Flower: Lily and Cosmos.

Color: Red.

3rd Anniversary

Symbol: Leather – it symbolizes the stability and strength of your marriage.

Traditional Gift: Leather wallets, pieces of furniture or parts of home decor, shoes, leather journal or planner, leather jacket, bracelets, and personalized watch box.

Modern Gift: Crystal or glass.

Jewelry: Pearls.Flower: Fuchsia and Sunflower.

Color: Jade green and white.

4th Anniversary

Symbol: Fruit and Flowers – they symbolize the blossoming of your relationship

Traditional Gift: Custom made garden tools, a bouquet, a fruit basket, planting a favorite tree in your garden.

Modern Gift: Appliances.

Jewelry: Blue Topaz.

Flower: Geraniums and hydrangeas.

Color: Blue and Green.

5th Anniversary

Symbol: Wood – it symbolizes long-lasting strength and wisdom.

Traditional Gift: Wooden wine glasses, cutting board, cheese board, sapphire earrings.

Modern Gift: Silverware.

Jewelry: Sapphire.

Flower: Daisies.

Color: Blue, turquoise, and pink.

white daisy flowers

6th Anniversary

Symbol: Iron and candy – symbolize sweetness in your passionate relationship.

Traditional Gift: Cuffing board with iron handles, iron skillet, iron candle holders, amethyst necklace or earrings, a bouquet of Calla Lilies.

Modern Gift: Wood.

Jewelry: Amethyst.

Flower: Calla Lilies.

Color: Purple, white, and turquoise.

7th Anniversary

Symbol: Wool and cooper – symbolize comfort, warmth, and feeling secure with your partner.

Traditional Gift: Clothes made of wool, sweaters, vests, and cardigans, cooper yard sculpture, wool fedora, Merino wool blanket, customized belts with cooper buckle.

Modern Gift: desk sets.

Jewelry: Onyx.

Flower: Freesia and Jack-in-the-Pulpit.

Color: Yellow and Off-White.

8th Anniversary

Symbol: Pottery and bronze – symbolize beauty that comes with time and strength.

Traditional Gift: Custom made bronze key chains or bracelets, handmade pottery, bronze pocket watch.

Modern Gift: Linen or Lace.

Jewelry: Tourmaline.

Flower: Lilac or Clematis.

Color: Bronze.

9th Anniversary

Symbol: Pottery and Willow – symbolize creativity and flexibility in your relationship.

Traditional Gift: An interesting vase, lapis lazuli bracelet, ceramic coasters, custom made and matching coffee mugs, a basket made of willow.

Modern Gift: Leather.

Jewelry: Lapis Lazuli.

Flower: Bird of Paradise and Poppy.

Color: Terracotta, Purple, Green, and Blue lapis.

10th Anniversary

Symbol: Aluminum – symbolizes the ability for your marriage to last long.

Traditional Gift: Aluminum flowers vase, chai tea kit, BBQ tools, flask.

Modern Gift: Diamond Jewelry.

Jewelry: Diamond.

Flower: Daffodils.

Color: Blue and silver.

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11th Anniversary

Symbol: Steel – symbolizes strength and stability that creates the bond in your relationship that can’t be broken.

Traditional Gift: Outdoor grill, kitchen utensils, cocktail shaker, ice bucket, set of knives.

Modern Gift: Fashion jewelry.

Jewelry: Turquoise.

Flower: Tulips and Morning Glory.

Color: Turquoise and Yellow.

12th Anniversary

Symbol: Silk and Linen – symbolize how smooth and silky the road is ahead of you.

Traditional Gift: Matching silk pajamas, bedding, pocket square, nightgown, scarf, linen towel set with monograms, linen pillows.

Modern Gift: Pearls.

Jewelry: Jade.

Flower: Peony.

Color: Oyster White, Jade, and Opal.

13th Anniversary

Symbol: Lace – symbolizes the delicate yet strong relationship.

Traditional Gift: Lace lingerie or dress, lace tablecloth, faux-fur jacket, citrine ring.

Modern Gift: Textile or Fur.

Jewelry: Citrine.

Flower: Chrysanthemums and Hollyhock.

Color: Citrine or White.

14th Anniversary

Symbol: Ivory – symbolizes purity and innocence and couple’s devotion and fidelity to each other. 

Traditional Gift: Faux ivory carved jewelry, faux ivory chess set, gold watch, cuff links, ivory-colored decoration items.

Modern Gift: Gold jewelry.

Jewelry: Opal.

Flower: Dahlias and orchids.

Color: Opal and ivory.

15th Anniversary

Symbol: Crystal – symbolize transparency in the relationship  

Traditional Gift: Crystal vase, personalized wine glasses, crystal ice bucket, watch, ruby heart pendant.

Modern Gift: Watch.

Jewelry: Rubies.

Flower: Rose.

Color: Ruby red.

focused photo of a red rose

16th Anniversary

Anniversary Theme: Coffee and tea.

Traditional Gift: Tea infuser, tea box, samplings of expensive sorts of coffee, matching coffee mugs, French coffee press. 

Modern Gift: Silver Holloware.

Jewelry: Peridot.

Flower: Statice.

Color: Emerald Green, Silver, and Red.

17th Anniversary

Anniversary Theme: Wine and spirits.

Traditional Gift: Personalized whiskey or wine decanter, set of whiskey or wine glasses, personalized wine bottle, wine cork opener.

Modern Gift: Furniture.

Jewelry: Watches.

Flower: Red carnation.

Color: Yellow.

18th Anniversary

Anniversary Theme: Appliances.

Traditional Gift: Kitchen utilities, juicer, blender or bread maker, toaster, waffle maker, porcelain tea set.

Modern Gift: Porcelain.

Jewelry: Cat’s eye.

Flower: /

Color: Blue.

19th Anniversary

Anniversary Theme: Jade.

Traditional Gift: Sculptures in bronze, bonsai jade tree, couple’s trips to the seaside, bronze outdoor plaque.

Modern Gift: Bronze.

Jewelry: Aquamarine.

Flower: Bronze Mums.

Color: Bronze.

20th Anniversary

Symbol: China – symbolizes strong marriage that has stood the test of time.

Traditional Gift: Classy china tea set, porcelain dishes, trip to China, platinum knife set.

Modern Gift: Platinum.

Jewelry: Emerald.

Flower: Day Lily and aster.

Color: Emerald green and White.

brown plant in vase on table

21st Anniversary

Anniversary Theme: Fire.

Traditional Gift: Fire pit, scented candles, Fire Island getaway weekend, nickel house plaque.

Modern Gift: Brass or Nickel.

Jewelry: Iolite.

Flower: Iris.

Color: Orange.

22nd Anniversary

Anniversary Theme: Water.

Traditional Gift: Personalized water bottle, aquarium visit, garden fountain, beach towels.

Modern Gift: Cooper.

Jewelry: Spinel.

Flower: /

Color: Green.

23rd Anniversary

Anniversary Theme: Air.

Traditional Gift: Hot air balloon ride, wind chimes, dream catchers, silver-plated key chains.

Modern Gift: Silver Plate.

Jewelry: Topaz.

Flower: /

Color: Silver.

24th Anniversary

Anniversary Theme: Stone.

Traditional Gift: Personalized stone coasters, new stereo, or speakers.

Modern Gift: Musical instruments.

Jewelry: Tanzanite.

Flower: Lavender.

Color: Lavender.

25th Anniversary – Silver

Anniversary Theme: Silver – it symbolizes the brilliance of your long-lasting marriage.

Traditional Gift: Engraved jewelry, silver picture frame, vintage silver pocket watch.

Modern Gift: Silver.

Jewelry: Silver.

Flower: Iris.

Color: Silver.

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26th Anniversary

Anniversary Theme: Art.

Traditional Gift: Tickets for museum or art gallery, wedding photo printed, an original art piece.

Modern Gift: Pictures.

Jewelry: Jade.

Flower: Rose.

Color: /

27th Anniversary

Anniversary Theme: Music.

Traditional Gift: Tickets for a concert or music festival, engraved guitar pendants, customized playlist.

Modern Gift: Sculptures.

Jewelry: Jet stone.

Flower: Cosmos.

Color: /

28th Anniversary

Anniversary Theme: Linen.

Traditional Gift: Anything made of linen – personalized or engraved.

Modern Gift: Orchid.

Jewelry: Amethyst.

Flower: Orchids.

Color: Lavender and Orchid.

29th Anniversary

Anniversary Theme: Tools.

Traditional Gift: Handy tools that you miss in the house – BBQ tools, garden tools.

Modern Gift: Furniture.

Jewelry: Garnet.

Flower: Celosia.

Color: /

30th Anniversary

Anniversary Theme: Pearls – symbolize inner beauty, remind that marriage has that beauty that comes from within.

Traditional Gift: Cuff links or watches with pearly details, pearl necklace, diamond ring, a serving tray with pearl details.

Modern Gift: Diamond.

Jewelry: Pearls.

Flower: Lily and Sweet Pea.

Color: Green.

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