Top 5 Prom Dress Trends to Steal the Spotlight in 2018

Prom is a milestone event in the life of any young girl and being dressed in the best attire on that night is the main focus of each one of them. Your outfit should make you the crème de la crème of the prom night and hence you have to pick one that fulfills the chic and comfort factor at the same time.

Girl in two-piece prom dress with cascading ruffles

For the year 2018, the hottest trends in prom dresses range from glitzy metallic drapes to stunning backless gowns and revolve around hues varying from muted and pastel shades to vibrant deep greens and hot sexy pinks. Given below are some delectable styles which will be the range in prom dresses for 2018.

Do Your Magic with Metallic Shine

Ostentatious is in; so blaze the red carpet in a shiny dress embellished with brocade or sequins. Steel greys and silver and also flashy gold and bronze are the show stoppers and when combined with embellishments, you have a dress that is opulent and graceful. A spectacular combination of gold and nude or silver and streaks of blue or black on a dress with a deep neckline will go miles to heighten your glam quotient and make you the star of the show.

Stun the Crowd with Backless Dresses

A backless gown is the hottest way to show off some skin without being too overt about it. You can get the required sophistication with prom dresses that have sheer overlays, illusion designs adorned with applique and crystals, attractive knothole cut-outs or simply plunging open backs. Choose a bold look with revealing backs or go for pretty coverage with knothole backs and illusion designs. Remember to select a hairstyle that accentuates your back!

Patterns in Lace for the Elegant Look

The way to achieving elegance and class is by using lace in your prom dress.  Bring in the classic appeal with lace highlighters or through-out lace dresses. Soft pastel shades continue to rule; so pick a mint or a lilac or blue as the color for your gown, adorn it with layers of lace; one-of-a-kind bodice and give it a bold look with a body-hugging silhouette. You will have a dress that will be the envy of all on prom night.

Timeless Allure of Sheer Velvet

Soft and iridescent sheer velvet gowns will do the trick on your important night. Choose from any of the shades like royal navy blue, beautiful emerald green or flush pink and be sure that all eyes will be riveted on you as you enter the event venue. The finest fabric which bridges the vintage look and the contemporary will do wonders for your prom dress.

Strappy is Fashionable

Strapless gowns with dazzling beadwork, sequins or the kind will make you the cynosure of all eyes. With strappy being the most trending style for prom dresses now, take advantage if you think you can carry them off. Dresses with cut-outs and side panels include crisscross straps to add chic and style and give the required support to the dress. Minimal accessories heighten the fashion quotient.


The main aim of your prom dresses is to lend you the confidence to make your presence felt on a very important night of your life. So, no matter what the latest styles, you have to choose an outfit that makes you feel best!

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