The Do’s and Don’ts of Homecoming Party_ How to Dress Appropriately

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Every teenager looks forward to homecoming party and dance. Moreover, they think about their attires, how to wear them, what to wear, and most importantly will that be appropriate. Since it is a big event you want to look fantastic, yet there are some rules you simply need to follow. We are here to let you know them better so you won’t make mistakes.

How to Decode the Homecoming Dress Code

Most of the schools ask their attendees to come dressed formally or semi-formally. You can decode the dress code by looking at the invitations or tickets in your school. Therefore, you will know clothes you can wear, long lengths, black-tie, or something more casual.

Semi-Formal For Girls

Semi-formal attire can vary from a little black dress to a dressy skirt and jacket. Anyhow, girls at the semi-formal homecoming parties can wear a midi-length dress with an asymmetric hemline and halter neckline. It looks elegant and very appropriate for a homecoming party.

According to fashion experts, semi-formal looks require girls to wear heels, if that is possible. With a dress like this, strappy sandals or classic pumps in the nude will complement the look.

Semi-Formal for Guys

When it comes to semi-formal homecoming attire for guys, they should wear a suit. Also, the tie is a must-wear. The suit should be in dark navy or black color, with matching socks and shirt. Since guys will be attending the semi-formal event, they are not obligated to wear a vest. It is completely optional.

Formal For Guys and Girls

Black-tie or formal attire requires girls and boys to appear at homecoming party all dressed up. A guy should wear a suit with a matching necktie, socks, a white button-down shirt, or even a tuxedo.

Girls need to wear floor-length dresses, cocktail dresses, or a little black dress. They should all have appropriate knee length and closed necklines. You can complement your looks by adding pieces of your favorite jewelry, and a matching clutch.

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Do’s and Don’ts – If you are a Guy

We have gathered some do’s and don’ts that you need to know if you are a guy going to a homecoming party.

  • Don’t wear jeans – Since the homecoming is a formal or semi-formal event, you really shouldn’t come in a pair of jeans. This is your chance to dress up, so think about switching from jeans to a classic pair of pants.
  • Don’t wear sneakers – We understand that your personal style depends on the sneakers you are wearing. However, for your homecoming party, leave them at home and wear them the next day. Dress shoes are a better choice. Not only they will look good in pictures, but also match with a suit or dress pants and button-down that you are wearing.
  • Do wear elegant pants – You can pick elegant pair of pants, khakis, or classic chino pants. Match them with a button-down and a tie or necktie.
  • Don’t wear sportswear – Tank tops and muscle tanks are simply not allowed for the occasion like a homecoming. You might get hot, but there is no need to wear your workout clothes to a formal or semi-formal event like this.

Do’s and Don’ts – If you are a Girl

What should girls wear? Here are some do’s and don’ts you need to check out.

  • Don’t wear prom dresses – Prom and homecoming dresses are not the same. Prom ones are more formal, with more detailing, usually long-length. You can look a bit silly if you show up to your homecoming party in a floor-length gown.
  • Do wear short dresses – Short cocktail dresses are definitely allowed for homecoming parties. Yet, be careful not to wear something too short since it can become inappropriate.
  • Do know your body type – By knowing exactly your body shape you will pick a dress for the homecoming party without problems. 
  • Don’t wear heels on a dance floor – If you are not comfortable wearing heels while dancing, simply don’t. You don’t need to look silly just because your attire consists of a dress and heels. Furthermore, many girls put their heels away while they are on the dance floor.
  • Do be aware of dress material – When picking a homecoming attire, pay attention to the fabric of the dresses. You should avoid anything see-through since it can be inappropriate for this kind of event. Also, try not to buy a dress made of thick materials. They can cause you to sweat too much. Instead, go for lightweight fabrics like satin, chiffon, lace, stretch crepe. 
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