Thanksgiving Outfits: What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving turkey banquet

Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays and it is usually celebrated with closest friends or family. Waking up in the morning to the smell of roast turkey, potatoes, and cookies in the kitchen is as important as picking an outfit. Since Thanksgiving dinners occur from midafternoon to the late evening, the dress code varies from casual to chic and elegant.

This year celebrating Thanksgiving might be important than ever. Just to remind us how important family and friends are. Some of you might choose to gather around the table, while others will hang via Zoom. You should still pick an outfit though. We are here to help.

The Importance to Choose a Reasonable Thanksgiving Outfit

Like any other family gathering, Thanksgiving requires a nice and appropriate outfit. No matter if the dress code says casual or elegant – you need to think about these things before picking your perfect outfit.

Since there will be a lot of food, choosing comfort instead of trendy is crucial. Make everything look reasonable yet fun. We have searched for inspiration on JJ’s House, just in time for you to order your favorite Thanksgiving outfit combination.

How to Choose a Thanksgiving Outfit

These are the things to consider before mixing and matching things you want to wear for Thanksgiving. And even though we all know calories don’t count on Thanksgiving, your outfit definitely should.

①Think about comfort

Beige jumpsuit with a bow belt
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Thanksgiving means food everywhere. You don’t want to dress into something that will show off your belly right after you have eaten that last piece of turkey, right? Then think about comfort when picking a Thanksgiving outfit.

Comfort doesn’t necessarily mean you need to dress in your PJs. Comfort means pants with a stretchy waist, elastic belt, and high waistline.

A jumpsuit in the beige shade with bell sleeves and ribbon belt is a great solution for an appropriate and comfy Thanksgiving outfit. You don’t need to worry about mixing and matching – you get one piece that is stylish and elegant. We can assure you that the food you eat won’t be visible in those pants.

②Think About Other People

Black Long Sleeves Midi Dresses
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Sometimes, thinking about what other people will wear can help you find your perfect outfit combo. Surely, you don’t want to appear to the dinner looking too posh or too casual. So, talk with your friends and family and ask them what they are planning to wear, ask the hosts is there any dress code you need to follow. There are many questions that can help you find the best Thanksgiving outfit.

If you ask us about fashion items that are timeless and appropriate for every situation, we would definitely suggest an LBD. This midi black dress is not only stylish but also very comfortable and appropriate for this family gathering. Lace sleeves on classic cut look simply great.

③Think About the Occasion

Polka dot ruffled dress with brown leather belt
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Not all Thanksgivings are celebrated the same. Some people opt for formal dinners, others like to spend that day outside, walking in the park after lunch. Pick your outfit accordingly to the occasion. You won’t need heels and short dresses in the park, certainly won’t wear sneakers to the formal dinner.

This interesting one-shoulder maxi dress will get you through both elegant and casual Thanksgiving dinners. The belt and asymmetric cut will surely catch the eye of your friends and family. Pair it with flat boots or heels.

You Can Still Wear Jeans or a Sweater for Thanksgiving

According to the weather, it is more than allowed to wear jeans and sweaters for Thanksgiving. However, since these are things you usually wear on a daily basis, try making them look more special. Choose cashmere or nice wool sweater instead of a sweatshirt or polyester one. For pants, go for black jeans, culottes, or high-waist pants.

Solid V-Neck Long Sleeves Dresses
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Turtlenecks, V-neck, and square necklines are always in style. Go for some of these and don’t forget to add some delicate pieces of jewelry to complement this style.

Shoes and Boots

When it comes to shoes, there are many you can wear, but they also depend on the occasion and the weather. While some women feel more than comfortable wearing heels, others will always pick flat or block heeled boots.

Classy pair of blue pumps should find a place in your closet. On the other side, if you want something more comfortable, always look for kitten or block heel. These white crystal pumps will make you feel stylish and comfy at the same time.

We also recommend mid-calf boots with chunky heel for easy walking. Made of faux suede fabric, this lovely boot in warm color has fascinating turkey style with its tassels embellishment.

If you want a sexy and feminine touch to your thanksgiving outfit, this green velvet over-the-knee boots with high stiletto heel is the perfect choice. You can match it with a mini dress or shorts to show off your legs in cold weather.

Accessories to Complement Your Thanksgiving Outfit

There are many different ways you can use to decorate your outfits for Thanksgiving dinner. From headpieces, hats, jewelry pieces, and bags to face masks that became kind of necessity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Depending on your outfit and kind of occasion you can mix and match more or less elegant pieces of jewelry and accessories. If you or your hosts have opted for an elegant and formal dinner then you can definitely give this elegant rhinestone jewelry sets a try.

Unfortunately, you would probably have to wear a mask. This reusable floral-printed mask is interesting and comfortable on the face.

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From classy cloche hats in the yellow shade to sophisticated wool berets with feather details – everything can be considered to complement your Thanksgiving outfit.


Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays where family and friends gather, eat, drink, and enjoy. You might think that outfit is something you shouldn’t think about, but it is not exactly like that. You should feel comfortable and stylish at the same time, and as you can see it is not so hard. Choosing a nice and comfy look is easy with the right items. Comfy pants or jumpsuit, long and loose dresses, and appropriate accessories.

We hope you have found something you can wear and be comfortable in. Let us know what you have picked!

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