The Do’s and Don’ts in Finding the Ideal Plus Size Wedding Dress

The hustles and bustles of planning a wedding can be overwhelming. It’s even harder for a bride who needs a plus size wedding dress. Finding an elegant and cheap wedding gown should not be such a hustle.

Your plus size body is beautiful, and it only requires the perfect gown for you to rock during your wedding. Do you want tips on how to settle for the ideal plus size wedding dress? Here are some do’s and don’ts you might want to consider.


Go for pleated details

Gowns with pleated details are preferable for plus size women. The asymmetrical pleats give a vertical look and give harmony to your dress.

Choose a mermaid gown

A mermaid wedding dress flatters your curves to the mid-thigh then flares to the bottom. This type of a gown gives you a lovely silhouette.

Maintain your personality

When settling for a gown, choose one that brings out your character, not one that suppresses the real you in the name of looking good.

Choose an A-line dress

The beauty of A-line dress is it flatters the upper part of the body. Also, the waistline is placed just below the bust. This gives the wearer of the dress a beautiful figure.

Opt for v-necklines

Dresses with this design can show your beautiful neck. An appropriate exposure of the skin may add extra glam to your overall bridal look.


Choose flimsy fabric

Your wedding day should be fabulous. One thing that you should avoid like a plague is a flimsy fabric, such as chiffon, which magnifies every little detail of your body. You may want to consider fabric such as tulle, lace, satin and organza. They can support your body better.

Hide your body

Some plus size brides may want to choose wedding dresses with complicated designs and too much fabric in order to cover their entire body. But the truth is, your body is beautiful and there is no reason you should hide it. The key point is to be confident, choose your favorite dress style, say yes to the dress and enjoy your big day! 

Tips to remember when buying a plus size wedding gown


Before you begin shopping for a gown, you must have a budget plan. Please note, plus size wedding gowns are more expensive than other gowns sometimes. Manufacturers may argue that they consume more material than the other sizes.


Plus size brides should go for thick materials such as taffeta and satin. Thick fabrics smooth things out giving a beautiful figure.

Body Shape

One of the essential things to consider when buying a wedding gown is your body shape. Can you imagine wearing a gown that does not compliment your body shape?

If you are bottom heavy, A-line dresses are best for you. If you are top heavy trumpet style dresses should complement your figure. For pear-shaped ladies, ball gowns do justice to their bodies.


When shopping for a wedding dress, you should not let anyone put you down because of your size. Stand for what you want and don’t allow yourself to buy something you are not comfortable with, regardless of how good it may seem.


Don’t be shocked to find out that you might have to wear a size or two above your regular size. Bridal wear runs smaller than the regular clothes.

All body shapes are beautiful. Plus size women are gorgeous, and nothing should hinder them from being glamorous on their wedding day.  JJ’s house has a variety of wedding dresses that are beautiful and pocket-friendly. From our website, you can easily place an order and wait for it to get delivered to your doorstep.

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