Royal Wedding Inspiration_ 8 Trends to Steal From

Raise your hand if you are a royal family fan. We adore them, especially when seeing royal weddings.  Since they are broadcasted all around the world it is easy for us to dive into the world of class and elegance. All about royal weddings is magical, from the venues to the dresses. That is why we have prepared some royal wedding inspiration and trends that you can copy for your own big day.

These royal wedding inspiration tips will serve you perfectly if you imagine your big day to be romantic, classy, with a pinch of old charm and vintage vibes. Here are the ways you can make your day royal alike.

The Floral Arch (Make it Oversized)

Even though many segments of royal weddings are all about simplicity, when it comes to flowers, they are decorated to take your breath away. Recreate the royal-inspired arch at any venue, both outdoors and indoors.

There should be a lot of greenery, and the best option to choose is plain white florals. Make a plan with your florist and remind her or him that it is all about the texture and making it look big.

Small Bouquets

After a big boom of oversized wedding bouquets, it is nice to see members of the royal family carrying small and delicate ones. Both Kate and Meghan were carrying these lovely small bouquets. Why don’t you?

Baby’s breath, forget-me-not, garden roses, and other tiny flowers are perfect for those miniature bouquets. You can simply tie them up, and wear them on your wedding day.

Having Flower Girls and Page Boys

For some, having children might sound like a tricky task, consider how quickly they can be tired from their roles. However, if you organize everything, you can have a royal-like wedding with flower girls and page boys just like William and Kate or Meghan and Harry.

Flower girls and page boys walk before the wedding couple and represent symbols of growing up, fertility, and stepping into the world of grownups. This moment can actually be one of the most beautiful ones.

Wearing Tiara

Is there anything more royal than tiaras? If you were wondering – is tiara a bit too much, we say no, it isn’t! Pearly silver tiara on your head can match with a veil and royal-inspired wedding dress.

Usually, when there is a tiara, there is a bun. You can make a sleek and low chignon bun or like Kate Middleton let your hair fall at the back.

Bateau Neckline on the Gown

Meghan Markle, Princess Eugenie, and many other members of the royal family wore the bateau neckline. This neckline is not only typical for wedding dresses, but it shows off a bit of skin in a sophisticated and tasteful way.

No matter if you like lace or not, this wedding gown with a bateau neckline will make you look like you were born in the royal family.

Horse-Drawn Carriage or Vintage Car

It will be hard for you not to feel like a princess when your getaway car will actually be a horse-drawn carriage. However, if you want to copy Meghan and Harry, then you need to rent out a vintage car.

If you are leaving your guests to continue the party with you, then you can also make them remember that moment, by choosing these two royal-inspired getaway transportations.

Long Veils and Trains

Long veils and trains on dresses are always known to be a part of the royal wedding dress code. Both veils and trains work perfectly if you are getting married in a big chapel.

You can opt for a wedding dress with a long train made of delicate lace and tulle, or pick a vintage veil with pearls to complement the attire.

Layered Wedding Cake with Frosting

When you see cakes at royal weddings, you can only be amazed by how they look. You can have cakes like that at your own wedding as well.

Pick multi-layered cakes with white frosting and fresh flowers. Those cakes look sophisticated, modest, and classy.

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