Real Wedding Story-Mandy & Samoa

Wedding Date: 6/20/2021

Dress ID: 105587

Color: Lilac

Mandy and Samoa got married on June 20th, 2021.

1. Why this dress?

I purchased my 3 Bridesmaid dresses from JJ’s House online in 3 different styles but the same color. The way I chose them was I gave my bridesmaids the choice of any style bridesmaid dresses they wanted that suited their body type and they each chose their own. The bridesmaids felt confident and stunning in their dresses from JJ’s house. We loved how they matched so well together even though they were different styles. My wedding dress was from a different store and when I first tried it on I knew it was the one.

2. Why JJ’s House?

I chose JJ’s house for many reasons, the first being that they can send you color samples of different colors and from that I chose the exact pastel purple I had been dreaming of and matched my wedding color scheme to the exact sample of the bridesmaid dresses. I also love the size range so that my bridesmaids felt catered for and comfortable as they were able to measure and get the exact right fit of the dress.

3.The favorite moment of the wedding day?

My favorite moment was walking in feeling beautiful and seeing the man I love at the end of the aisle.

4.Three words to sum up the wedding day?

Joyful, fun, blessed.

5.Tips for other brides?

Allow extra time to get ready and make it relaxing and enjoyable.

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