The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Fairytale Wedding

Is there a girl in this world who hasn’t watched Disney princess cartoons? We don’t think so. That is why every woman wants a fairytale in her life. A little bit of magic didn’t hurt anyone, don’t you think? Some opt for a fairytale wedding style. Is it even possible to revive some of your favorite princess moments on your wedding day? The answer is – absolutely yes!

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Not everyone has a big budget for their wedding day, but every girl deserves to feel like a princess, even for a day. Fairytale wedding doesn’t have to mean you are recreating a cartoon style wedding affair. However, you can do everything to make a venue and ceremony magical, from the very beginning to the end.

Choose The Location

First of all, you need to choose a perfect location for your fairytale wedding. A ceremony is really a place where you can revive that fairytale vibe, mixed with tradition aspects. If you have a big budget, you can opt for something like Kensington Palace, to really feel like a princess for a day. However, a charming villa, ballroom, or a city hotel will also do a thing. Little details that you choose in your fairytale wedding planning are those that will transform the venue. Fairy lights that follow groom and bride will be a perfect magical detail to the wedding ceremony.

Pick The Perfect Flowers

Creating magical wedding doesn’t necessarily mean everything needs to be overdone. Sometimes, the key is in simplicity. Let this be your motto when choosing flowers for the venue. You can absolutely go with white flowers, although pastel colors are coming back to fashion and wedding planning world as well. Choose gardenias, peonies, hydrangeas – pink or white flowers along with all other details will make the venue look like a fairytale.

Perfect Dress Flowers

Decorations on the Table

How can you possibly imagine a fairytale wedding without sparkles and crystals? Wedding planners advice us not to be thrifty on embellishments – crystal candelabras, glassware, and tea light holders will add a special wow effect to every table. Candlelight is really important in creating a magical atmosphere, so don’t forget about these details.

Don’t Forget Small Details

When it comes to music, before the ceremony, you can have a solo violinist, guitarist or even flutist playing. That will add a fairytale vibe while you are walking down the aisle.

There are a few more memorable things you can do, along with your wedding planner. For instance, you can design your own monograms. You can have them printed on invitations, menus, ribbons, and even on napkins.

If you are hiring waiters, make sure they all wear the same suits.

Small Details of wedding

The Dress

Choosing a wedding gown can be challenging, but at the same time, it is a very exciting process. When planning a fairytale wedding, let your dress have more embellishment and sequins. This wedding gown, for instance, looks like it is inspired by a Cinderella!

Don’t forget your hairstyle – add hair accessories, crowns or studded hair clips.

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Would you like to have a fairytale style wedding? Let us know!

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