5 Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Dresses

The choice of bridesmaid dresses should be a key factor to any couple planning a wedding as this can lead to a great mess if not well put into consideration. Try and picture having a well-dressed bride surrounded by poorly dressed bridesmaids. We all need that perfect match.


It is never an intention of any couple to do something wrong on their big day. If this is not well thought about and given all the attention required, this can lead to some outcomes listed below:-

Resistance from the Bridesmaids

Once the couple identifies the design, color and cost of the dresses, they should share this information with the targeted bridesmaid. If you choose less classy and unappealing colors, many of the bridesmaids will not agree to be part of your team. It is therefore essential to have in mind what your target group want and can afford.

Mismatched dresses

Sometimes when the bridesmaid dresses are too complicated, or the material not readily available, you should try to look for the next closest alternative. This can be so frustrating when it comes to the final product because different fabrics take different shapes and designs. At times mismatched dresses can be an idea that the bride to be wanted to be executed, but when the mismatch occurs due to other factors other than the original plan, then this becomes a mess.

Cost of the Bridesmaid Dresses

Different fabrics, color and texture, attracts varying costs. When the price of bridesmaid dresses is high, most people who you approach will try and shun away from being part of the team. The cost of these dresses should be relatively affordable without compromising on the quality. The bride to be should also be in a position to tell if the maids will bear their full cost or if the bride is paying a certain percentage for them.

One-time Dress Wear

Some bridesmaid dresses are so elegant, conspicuous or designed in a way that one will automatically know that they are wedding attire when worn on other occasions. This can be a reason for rejection by your proposed team because they feel they will invest in something that is not re-usable thus not being ready to spend in a one-off dress. It is, therefore, necessary to choose something that your maids can wear in future.


Imagine having a wedding in an icy season, and the choice for maid wear is an off-shoulder knee length or mini dress! This would strain the maids as they would be exposed to the cold. It is therefore advisable to consider which season your wedding is to be held and make a decision that is considerate of the climate factor.


It is not possible to overlook the need for making right decisions as far as bridesmaid dresses are concerned. Enough time is set for this, and the best way to achieve this is to have a schedule and stick to it to avoid the last-minute rush. In some circumstances, it is also good to consult with the maids before concluding with the dress choice.


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