Mother of the Bride Duties in Details (Every Mother Should Know)

Mother and daughter on the wedding day

If you are a mother of the bride, and you are not so sure what are your duties, then this guide is exactly for you. We understand that these things can come as stressful, especially on the wedding day, but we tried to organize them so you can easily remember. These are the things every mother should know.

The Mother of the Bride’s Duties – Now and Then

The mother of the bride’s responsibilities have changed a lot. That is why some mothers are caught between what they should do and what they thought they need to do. These are some of the things that went through many changes over the years.

Then: Parents of the bride were hosting the engagement party.

Now: Family decide what is the best solution. Some couples choose to split costs and organize an engagement party on their own. Some groups decide that even parents of the groom should host a party.

Then: The moms of the brides were not allowed to organize bridal showers.

Now: More and more moms are invited to help brides in organizing bridal parties. They are joining forces to make every detail look nice. Moms also provide financial support and make food for the party.

Then: Mother of the brides didn’t give toasts.

Now: Mothers are proposing beautiful toasts, on both rehearsal dinners and morning-after breakfasts.

Then: Mother of the groom was always the only hostess of the wedding reception.

Now: Couples ask their parents to host a party together.

Support the Bride’s Decisions

First and foremost you need to be a rock stone to your daughter. It will be more than enough to be a tender listener, complimenter, and to encourage your daughter’s decisions. You can show your support by helping the bride choose the wedding dress and scout wedding locations.

Mother of the bride and her daughter holding hands
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Before the Wedding

Make sure to support your daughter before her wedding day. These are some of the things you can talk about, where you can offer your help and planning advice, etc.

①Talk About Financial Support

As we already mentioned, many couples decide to include their parents into wedding budgeting. However, some make a decision not to. If you still want to help your daughter, let her know early. Discuss what this support means – how much money are you giving, and for what purposes (gifts, decoration, etc.).

②Offer Some Wedding Planning Advice

Not all brides like too many pieces of advice, but the fact is the mother of the bride should give you some. Offer some wedding planning advice to your daughter, so she can know where to start. Be there when she needs you.

③Go Wedding Dress Shopping

There is nothing more exciting than a wedding dress shopping. It is an emotional, memorable moment that both mother and daughter remember forever. It is important to support your daughter in her decisions and to help her choose the best dress possible.

④Attending The Bridal Shower

Hen parties were not a place for mothers in the past. Nowadays, the mother of the bride not only attend the party but also help to organize it. You should consider your mom’s wishes since not all moms like to go out in the clubs, drinking and partying.

⑤Mother of the Bride Dress Shopping

Before going shopping for a mother of the bride dress, always consult with your daughter. Tell her if she has any wishes about color, style, and cut. You should buy the dress before the mother of the groom.

⑥Pruning the Guest List

Couple should have their majority vote for the guest list. However, your mother can help you prune the list and make contact with all your guests, if necessary. Also, let her handle the guest limit number since it is a tricky thing to do.

Mother of the Bride Watching Her Daughter Coming

On the wedding day

Helping your daughter on the wedding day is something that you must do. Be there for her in any moment, just follow our tips.

①Help Your Daughter Get Ready

The morning before the wedding is such a special time. Bride getting ready, in front of a big mirror are pictures that stay forever in mothers’ memory. You can help your daughter get into her dress, drink champagne with her, or simply be there for her.

②Take Your Place at the Ceremony

Some brides are walked by the aisle by their mothers. It is not something strange. In fact, in some cultures, it is completely normal. You can also stand in the receiving line or give a reading if the bride asks you to.

③Play host at the reception

The couple is usually too busy on their wedding day. They mingle around, yet they can’t speak with all guests. The mother of the bride can chat with the guests, play host at the reception, and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Mother of the bride doing her duties

Tips for the Mother of the Bride

These are some of the quick top tips that every mother of the bride should know.

  • Be present on the wedding day. Listen to your daughter’s wishes, be at the service.
  • Don’t give too many pieces of advice. Be careful what you are saying. After all, it is your daughter’s wedding, not yours.
  • Know what your duties are. Are you hosting a reception party? Are you welcoming the guests? It is important to know where you should be, so you can do everything properly.
  • Chat with parents of the groom, be nice, and act friendly to them.
  • Carry some essentials with you – band-aids, paracetamol, tissues, and pads, and other things that the bride might need.


We can say that mother of the bride is a crucial person not only on the wedding day but also during its planning. She can help her daughter not only for being there for her, but also help her organize stuff she can’t, or don’t want to.

These mother of the bride duties are not hard. They present a great pleasure for all mums around the world. After all, the wedding day will pass, and your daughter will be more than grateful for all the help she got from you.

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