Real Party – Sara.Roxanne

How do you define ‘Fashion’?
“I define “Fashion” as art, as a way to express yourself and make a statement! You have to think carefully what you are trying to achieve with your outfit and what impression you are giving with the things that you are wearing!”

What kinds of styles do you prefer if you prepare a party look.
“When it comes to parties and outfits I want to wear something that is breathtaking, who doesn’t right? Especially when it comes to weddings, i love big dresses and weddings is one occasion that i can wear them and feel like a princess..”

Who are some of your favorite designers, fashion writers, stylists, photographers, etc.?
“When it comes to dress designers i love Teuta Matoshi Duriqi her designs are breathtaking, when it comes to fashion stylist my favorite is my girl Ali Levine.
I wish some day to do a photoshoot with Said Mhmad, he does fashion fotoshoots and his work is amazing!”

Where did you find/hear about JJsHouse?
“I found your Instagram when i was looking for a dress ??!”

Why did you choose JJsHouse?
“I choose your company because the dresses are so affordable and i saw the pictures of the happy costumers and i was sure that the dresses are amazing quality! I love that you have the option to put pictures in the reviews and people can see the designs of people that bought them!”

What do you think of the dress you received from us?
“I honestly couldn’t believe how amazing the dress was, it was packaged so well and the design fits me so well! Im happy that you have the option to make a dress via measurements, that way everyone can order a dress in their size! Your team is amazing and so helpful!”

Any feedback for us to improve our website?
“I would love to see the dresses change color when I choose the color option to see how the dress will actually look in that color! I think that would be perfect! Otherwise your page is amazing and your team is amazing! I have nothing but good words to say! I loved our collaboration!”

Dress ID: 137361

Collection: Evening Dresses

Color: Dark Green

Instagram: @sara.roxanne

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