Is Christmas Wedding a Good Idea: Pros and Cons

Christmas decoration on the tree

Christmas time is simply dreamy. If we include snow, Christmas tree, family around the table, and decorations you get a perfect picture.

Many people dream of having a Christmas wedding. Is that right or wrong? Surely there are many pros and cons about having a wedding in the middle of the holiday season. We have gathered them all for you to see. Before choosing the final date, read these pros and cons, and decide if Christmas is the right time for you.

The Pros

There are certainly many pros to having a Christmas wedding party. It is a great time for your family to gather, for you to make DIY festive decorations, etc.

It Brings Family and Friends Together

There is no better time to spend with your family than around Christmas. It also might be the only chance for you to gather all your friends and family and celebrate together. The kids will love the combination of Christmas and wedding vibes, as well as the older members of your family and friends.

Holiday Themed Weddings

When Christmas comes around the corner, everybody enters a specific holiday mood. Christmas themed weddings are simply magical. Even though every season has a unique charm, winter and Christmas are really winners.

Just think – glitter, a lot of red, emerald green, and gold. Think about making a Christmas tree as part of your wedding theme, and make sure not to forget specially designed napkins for tables.

Good Christmas Food

Are you saying that a Christmas wedding can include all those wonderful and tasty food? Well, then we are definitely going! Imagine – roast turkey, mashed potatoes, hams, different pies, and all those dressings. Oh, snap. If all these things are not the reason to make a Christmas wedding, then we don’t know what is!

Seasonal Décor

The seasonal decor will make your wedding absolutely unforgettable. Just imagine your wedding reception all in red, gold, and emerald tones. Also, evergreen and other winter herbs are symbols of a long and happy marriage. Don’t forget to have those, alongside red berries.

A lot of candles will make the atmosphere cozy and Christmasy. You can opt for those scented ones – apples and cinnamon or homemade cookies and vanilla. When it comes to tables and centerpieces, let everything sparkle in gold. Eucalyptus and evergreen branches should be combined with other flowers.

Everyone’s in the Celebrating Spirit

When it is time to celebrate Christmas, everyone tends to relax a bit. Work is winding down, you are getting those things from your to-do lists done. The kids get really excited about gifts under the Christmas tree and Santa. No one will rush home to finish their work for tomorrow. Your guests can stay longer and party harder.

Honeymoon Vacation = Memorable Time

Like having a Christmas wedding is not enough you can spend your honeymoon right after without worrying about coming back to work. Also, consider going to some tropical locations, like New Zealand, Zanzibar, or Bali. You will feel extremely warm right after that winter magic that you had on your wedding day.

Your Anniversary Will be Amazing Each Year

From now on all your wedding anniversaries will be mixed up with the Christmas celebration. Isn’t that nice? You can choose many ways to celebrate your anniversary. From watching Christmas movies (hello, the Holiday) to having a family dinner with your in-laws – you can choose.

The Cons

Unfortunately, alongside the pros come cons. Here are some things you should watch out for when you start thinking about having a Christmas wedding.


Christmas is the most expensive time of the year, especially when you are about to book a location for a wedding. This might be one of the biggest cons. It can be really stressful and financially unacceptable for both you and your partner’s families.

Sometimes, prices go even higher for some popular places. Are you really looking forward to competing for a wedding reception? Your guests might not be able to book a hotel during Christmas time.

Winter weather in the city
Photo by Todd Torabi on Unsplash


While snow can create a dreamy atmosphere and even greater photographs, you can also be faced with extreme temperatures. Snowstorms and other extreme weather conditions often happen in winter. However, they can lead to canceling your wedding day.

Since you definitely don’t need to stress about the weather on your wedding day, make sure to check the forecast in advance.

Guests May Have Prior Plans

Some family members or friends might have other Christmas plans. Others can prefer spending their holiday in a different way. You need to consider this when you plan your Christmasy wedding day.

Christmas is the period of time when a lot of people travel. Some might change their plans, but who knows? Make sure to say your plans and wedding date on time and always ask your guests what they think about it.

Clichés – Style and Decorations

Winter decoration for your wedding is great. However, watch out for Christmas cliches that can overpower not only the style but the whole wedding. Not everyone is delighted to see red, gold, and green combinations, as well as the Christmas tree.

Make sure not to go over-the-line when you plan your Christmasy decoration. Find a perfect balance between elegance, winter, and Christmas style and decor.

Christmas Planning is Very Stressful

Trying to make everyone happy and organize a perfect Christmas wedding can be very stressful. Whether you are doing it on your own or you have a wedding planner to help you, you can find yourself exhausted at the end of the process.

Planning a wedding should be a happy and stress-free project. If you find this time of the year to be too much for you, then think about some other wedding season.

Your Preferred Vendors May Already Be Booked Out

You should probably know that vendors are pretty busy around Christmas. You should book them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can lose your reception, florist, photographer, or even a wedding planner.

Other vendors might be even celebrating themselves and close around Christmas. Consider that as well when planning your Christmas wedding day.

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