How to Make your Bridal Makeup Last Under a Mask_ 6 Mask-Proof Tips

While restrictions are finally lifting in some areas and countries, you may still choose to wear a mask on your wedding day. Unfortunately, it is a fact that bridal makeup, summer weather, and a mask don’t make a good combo. Moreover, you should count on reapplying your lipstick, but also other parts of your makeup.

However, we got some good news for you. There are certain tips and tricks, tested and approved by professional makeup artists that can make your bridal makeup last under a mask.

Before we list them, let’s talk about picking the right mask for your wedding day. Long story short – there isn’t a perfect mask that won’t smudge your makeup. Whether it is made of cotton, linen, silk, or paper, all these masks tend to be sticky and can significantly ruin makeup.

You should go with the mask that feels most comfortable on your face and that interferes least with your lips and face while you breathe.

1.Choose a Mattifying Primer

The first and important step is choosing the primer. For summer bridal makeup pick a matte primer. The primer should hide imperfections, control oil, sweat, and help the foundation last longer on your skin.

If you want to minimize the effect that mask has on your makeup, matte primer is the product for you. You should concentrate on the areas where your makeup tends to disappear and then spread out to the whole face. You should wait a bit before applying a foundation after the primer.

2.Go For Long-Lasting Powder and Liquid Foundation

First things first – pick a long-lasting, water-resistant, and smudge-proof foundation according to your skin tone and type. Even though this might sound like a mission impossible, there are so many foundations on the market, that we are certain you will find the one that suits you.

The makeup trick that works is to apply a liquid foundation and then to follow right up with the powder one, using the same brush. A makeup brush is the better choice here since the sponge will distribute too much product.

It is crucial to find a foundation that is lightweight and to concentrate on places where your mask would be. The right formula won’t create acne, won’t smudge, and most importantly will look perfect on a hot summer day.

3.To Skip or Not – Setting Face Powder

If you would like to set a face makeup, then you should use a setting powder. However, some women avoid it, because they have already applied the powder foundation.

If your skin is oily, then we definitely recommend going for face powder. Pick the translucent one. It will match with any foundation shade. You can skip some areas, and apply it only on your T-zone to absorb oil from the foundation.

4.Blush – Both Powder and Cream

The key to having perfectly blushed cheeks is applying both cream and powder blushes. Do you wonder how to do that? Easy!

Start with the cream blush, preferably in a taupe shade that suits all skin tones. Use a damp sponge to apply it, pressing the color into the skin. The area you should apply is just above the apple of the cheek and toward the hairline.

The powder blush should follow in the spot between the apple and the hollow of your cheek. Make sure to be precise about the area you put the blush since it has to peek under the mask.

5.Highlight the Eyes

Since most of your face will be covered with a mask, you need to make your eyes pop. You can do that with a cream eyeshadow, waterproof gel liner, and mascara.

First, you need a good eye primer to keep everything in place. Then apply creamy eyeshadows, and don’t hesitate to try darker looks, with green, black, or grey shadows. Gel liner needs to be precise, then you can set everything with a translucent powder.

Waterproof mascara is a must-have on your wedding day. Yes, there will be crying, and you don’t need to ruin your makeup. Start by preparing your lashes with a primer and by curling them. Apply two coats of mascara, by wiggling it into the roots, and then pulling through.

6.Go for Long-Wear Lip Products

Even though you will be wearing a mask, your lips need to be in perfect condition once you put the mask down. You will need a long-wear lipstick and lip liner to make this long-lasting look works.

Instead of shiny lip gloss, pick a semi-matte lipstick that will have minimal transfer on your face mask. You should start by exfoliating the lips, dusting them with a powder to give lipstick something to hold onto. Makeup artists recommend using a nude lip liner and applying it all over your lips. Two coats of lipstick should follow as well as the final powder dusting.

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