How to Lose Weight Before Your Big Day

Many people want to lose weight before their wedding day. That is totally fine, but don’t let that kill your mood. You shouldn’t feel pressured to do so, and don’t have to make drastic changes in your life to get certain results. We have gathered some practical pieces of advice on how to lose weight before your big day.

Losing your weight before the wedding day means you should start by simply modifying your diet and include regular exercises. However, don’t wait until the last minute to start working on your goal.

Getting Started on Time

Popular fast diets are not always the best solution. Especially before your wedding day. They can cause more damage than good, so it is best to avoid them. Even though you might notice the difference in scale, you can also lose more water than weight. What does that mean? Your body will conceive fat and use up muscle to provide energy.

Extreme caloric restrictions can lead to unpleasant symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, diarrhea, changes in nails and skin, and many others. 

Think about your diet as a part of wedding planning. Give yourself weekly tasks, as you are doing with your wedding planner. Putting down things on paper might also help.

Reduce Carbs

One of the important things to do when trying to lose weight is to eat fewer carbohydrates. Cut on both complex and simple carbs (like sugar).  You should try cutting back around 50 to 150 grams of carbs per day.

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Cut Back on Caffeine and Alcohol

Believe it or not, a single alcoholic drink can add up to 100 calories to your daily intake. Instead, you can opt for drinks that have 75 or fewer calories like flavored vodka with soda or wine spritzer.

When it comes to caffeine, black coffee is surely something that you are allowed to drink while dieting. However, don’t go over the line and drink too many coffees in the day. It can increase anxiety and nervousness.

Eat Enough Fiber-Rich Food

Try to get fiber from food sources rather than from supplements. Among many benefits of fiber, they are well-known for preventing constipation. Dietary fiber is also important for vitamin, mineral, and nutrient absorption. Vegetables, seeds, legumes, and grains are perfect sources of insoluble fiber.

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Stay Hydrated

If you decided to start working out, then you should definitely increase your water intake. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water each day, but if you exercise you can even take more.

When it comes to drinks, avoid sodas and other sugary drinks. Make sure to drink only water, or sometimes water with cucumbers and lemons.

Eat Smaller Meal Portions

Rather than three main meals, try eating five or even six smaller meals a day. It is important to measure your portions and to keep healthy snacks on hand. In case you get hungry during the day, don’t eat chips, but those healthy snacks like almonds, dates, etc.

Plan in Advance

Planning meals in advance is great even if you are not dieting. However, since the wedding ceremonies include many pre-wedding-day events, you can also do something about that.

Instead of overeating at restaurants, you can plan ahead and make sure the healthy menu is on. You can also check the menus online and have everything prepared before you arrive. This is how to lose weight before your big day and make all the guests eat healthily.

Try Not to Skip Meals

Skipping breakfast or lunch means you will potentially overeat your dinner. You will feel very hungry all day, and then when you overdo with one meal, you can get bloated and unhappy.

Relax and Treat Yourself

More than losing that fat belly it is important for you to be satisfied and happy. Your big day is coming. You don’t need to deprive yourself. You can treat yourself to a meal you love, wedding cake tasting, and drink a glass of white wine that you like.

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Start Slowly with Exercise

Exercise supports the process of losing weight, but it is crucial for you to start slowly. Then you can increase the intensity more and more, by combining cardio and strength training.

If you haven’t exercised before start with 30 minutes three times a week.

Manage Stressful Situations

Aside from exercise and diet, stress is something that you should manage. You can do it by talking to someone, professional, or your family member and friend. You should get plenty of rest, have a good night sleep. Meditation, yoga, or deep breathing exercises are just some of the ways you can manage stressful situations.

These are the best ways on how to lose weight before your big day. Don’t stress over the things you can’t do, but be happy about your big day. Start early and plan thoroughly your diet and exercises.

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