How do You Make a Bachelorette Party Fun: Best Party Ideas

Bachelorette party is the night that the bride and her friends never forget. It should be fulfilled with fun, games, and interesting favors. You probably think you need to spend a lot of money for the day, but in reality, there are many things that are fun to do and don’t cost much.

If you are willing to get creative and make yourself a nice and fun bachelorette party without spending a fortune, then check out those tips we have prepared for you.

Games on Budget

Games at bachelorette parties have a long history and are unavoidable fun. Some can cost much, but there are many on a budget or even free, equally fun! The most important thing is to find something that all your besties and you will like.

The Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

This is one of the best free bachelorette games. You can find many different scavenger hunt games online, download the maps, and enjoy with all your besties. Break into groups, organize the tasks, and get ready to have fun!

Have Good Old Sleepover

Is there anything that can make you feel young again like a good old sleepover? Also, you can now have an excuse to eat all the ice cream and watch romantic and bachelorette-themed movies. If you are willing to spend more money, rent a hotel room for you and your best friends.

Have a Craft Party

You can organize a craft party and be creative. Paint wine glasses, jars, make your own candles, or a scrapbook. Make sure to include a lot of pink colors, glitter, and floral scents for candles. After all, it is a bachelorette party, right?

Play How Well You Know Bride-to-Be Game

You can make your own questions or find them online and play an interesting and fun game about the bride-to-be. When she first kissed or what is her clothes number are just some of the questions you can ask. This is a fun way for everyone to get to know each other better, especially if there are people who are not so close to each other.

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Every bachelorette party deserves to have interesting and fun decor. From balloons to confetti, straws, and champagne glasses – everything comes into play.

Bachelorette Party Invitations

You can show off your besties what kind of decor they can expect with the invitations. Let them be done in the spirit of the bachelorette party and according to the theme. Go for subtle, pinky tones, some nice girly fonts, and don’t hesitate to add a bit of gold just to spice things up.

Themed Balloons

You can choose many different balloons to decor your party. Those plain pink are great, but let’s try something different, shall we?

Go for bachelorette themed balloons, in the shape of the engagement ring, and bride-to-be balloons. Bachelorette balloons would be a great addition to your Instagram feed as well – don’t forget to take pictures!

Sashes, Banners, and Tiaras

Decoration won’t only make your Instagram photos wonderful, but with the right and funny props, you will have the time of your life. Colorful sashes, banners on doors, and interesting sexy tiaras – your besties will enjoy and have so much fun at your bachelorette party.


Gifts that you give to your besties after the party should be unique and memorable. You can go for customized items, pieces of jewelry, or make something on your own. These are our suggestions.

Bachelorette Party Pins

Make small and cute bachelorette party pins for your besties. They can wear it during the party, but also on your wedding day. Let every pin have a different design – for your maid of honor, the one that is party crashes, the one that is a drama queen, etc.

Customized T-shirts

Customized T-shirts are great gifts for your bridesmaids and friends. It is something that is practical and memorable at the same time. They can wear it daily, thinking about you. These colorful Bride squad T-shirts will surely make your besties smile, whenever they wear them.


Personalized Round Chrome Compact Mirror (Sold in a single piece)
ID: 120904

Every woman needs a compact mirror. This is a very practical gift that your besties will surely adore. And guess what – they will wear it in their bags and remember your bachelorette party every time they reach for it.

Bachelorette Party Cups

If you are planning to make party cups with unique designs, let them be a favor at the same time. All girls can take a souvenir from the party. They will have a chance to drink from those same cups again and again.

Name Necklaces

Custom Silver Letter Name Necklace - Birthday Gifts
ID: 217711

Jewelry is always a good gift. Everyday necklaces that are customized according to the bride’s wishes will be an amazing favor for your bachelorette party. You can engrave the date, names, or some other important event so your besties can remember it whenever they wear their necklaces.


①What you should not do at a bachelorette party?

Even if it doesn’t come to your mind often, there actually many things that you shouldn’t do at a bachelorette party. For instance, you shouldn’t wear white at the party! It is one of those rules that apply to the wedding day as well.

Try not to make everything about the bride. It is a party where you should all be relaxed and have fun. Also, go easy on the bottle. No one likes to see an over-the-moon drunk bride and her besties.

Do not invite guys and the groom. It is time for girls and not for boyfriends and husbands. Don’t force the bride on doing anything she is not comfortable with and don’t embarrass her on purpose.

②Do you give gifts at a bachelorette party?

You can give a gift to the bride, but it is not obligatory. Unlike the present you buy for the wedding day, this gift is for the bride only. If you decide to buy something, then make sure it is personal.

③Do mothers go to bachelorette parties?

Many women wonder if they should invite their moms or mothers-in-law to their bachelorette parties. Again, you are not obliged to do that, but if that will make you feel more relaxed or happy, then you should consider inviting your mom and mother-in-law.

④How long should a bachelorette party last?

It depends on the type of party you are throwing. A bachelorette party can last from one to even three days. If you are planning a destination bachelorette then you should consider spending more days having a party. On the other hand, you can even spend a few hours with your friends and enjoy it equally.

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