Homecoming Cost-How Much You Should Spend and How to Save

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Just when summer begins to turn into fall, that is when everyone starts thinking about homecoming parties. Questions like what to wear, which shoes to pick, but most importantly how much this party costs, pop up in your head. Even though homecoming parties can vary from school to school, there is a general budget that you can rely on. We dig into it and make this planning much easier for you.

Whether you decide to splurge on a dress, shoes, and fancy ride or you would like to see ways to save money, this guide is written for you. Beyond the cost of the ticket, you can decide how much you want to spend on things that matter to you. Also, considering a budget is great to get a better idea of all your potential homecoming expenses.

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How Much to Budget For Homecoming Party?

There are must-have items that you need to plan your budget for. Those things are tickets and outfits. The rest can come according to your budget and wishes. Adding accessories, hair, makeup, and nails are considered extra and can be added to the budget, according to you. When you decide what you want to include in a budget, make sure to write a price as well. If the total cost is a bit over your budget, don’t panic. There are ways to save money as well. Also, be aware that costs vary from school to school.

  • Tickets: $15-$30

Tickets are one of those must-have items that you have to buy. However, some schools offer a discount if you buy for a date, or with a group of friends.

  • Dress: $50 – $200

Whether you plan to wear something you already have or splurge on a brand new gown, one thing is sure. This is one of the most important items on your budget list.

  • Suits: $0 – $150

Renting a suit is definitely an affordable option. However, you can even save more by wearing something you already own. On the other hand, some boys will prefer buying a new suit or tuxedo.

  • Shoes: $0 – $100

The same goes for shoes. You can either choose some nice and comfy pair that you have or go for something new. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can plan a budget of $10-$100.

  • Hair and Nails: $0 – $80+

Your hair can be done in a salon for about $50 or $60. A chic updo or braided hair is the perfect choice for a homecoming party. However, if you have a friend that has a talent for hairstyling, then ask her or him to help you. You can save money for something else.

When it comes to nails, polish them yourself or go to a salon and get them for $30 or more.

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How to Save on Homecoming Party Budget

There are a few ways to cut costs for your homecoming party. First, let’s start with the dress. Do you really need the dress that costs more than $200? If you would like to find something fancy, modern, yet very affordable, you can go to JJ’s House and pick among many different Homecoming Dresses. They are pretty and can be worn for many different occasions. So even if you spend more now, you can save for the next formal event that is coming.

DIY methods for hair, makeup, and nails can save you a ton of money. You can actually do it together with your friends, have fun, and trade-in makeup and nail polishes.

With today’s phone cameras, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer. Plus, you will be able to post to social media immediately.

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