Holiday Season is Coming: Budget-Friendly Party Ideas

New Year's Eve presents under the tree

Believe it or not, the holiday season is just around the corner. With the Covid-19 pandemic that occurred earlier this year, quarantine, and a new way of living we have a sense that the year has whizzed by.

However, we can’t help but wonder – how we will be celebrating New Year’s Eve this year? We suggest following up on the situation but also thinking about budget-friendly options that are perfect for a home party.

The Meaning of New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is all about glitters and fireworks. That is a night when a year ends and the new one starts. However, behind all those sequin dresses and champagne bottles is an ancient holiday that was celebrated for centuries.

The earliest recorded festivities about welcoming a new year date back some 4,000 years to ancient Babylon. However, throughout the centuries many civilizations developed their own specific calendars – Chinese and Egyptians, for instance.

Thanks to Julius Caesar we now have January 1 as the beginning of the New Year. He has picked after the month name Janus, which represented the Roman god of beginnings. He has two faces that allowed him to look back in the past and to look in the future. Romans were exchanging gifts, decorating their houses with laurel branches, and attending parties.

If Romans could attend parties, why don’t you throw one on a budget this year?

People toasting at the party

Give The Party a Theme

Every party should have a theme. You can make this year’s party great, even if your budget is limited. You don’t need to spend a fortune on creating a party theme. Just make sure all attendees are involved in the creative process.

Potluck Party Theme

Make your party more interesting by making your friends bring food from all around the world. You can set a table, and everybody who attends the party has to prepare something from specific cuisine. This is a fun and money-saving idea that will make you and your friends happier and enriched with new tastes.

Pajama Party Theme

If you and your friends prefer comfort over glitter and heels, we totally get it. You can definitely make a cozy pajama party where you can come in the comfiest clothes you own. Put the slippers on, make hot chocolate, and enjoy the night.

Movie Marathon Party Theme

Set up a bunch of popcorn bowls, snacks, and cozy blankets and turn your party into a themed movie marathon. You can watch all your favorite Christmas movies all over again – The Holiday, Home Alone, A Christmas Prince, Grinch, and many many more. The night is long, so get ready.

Masquerade Party Theme

Even if your party is budget-friendly, you can still add a bit of mystery. Throw a masquerade theme party and convince all your friends to make their masks. They can find many different tutorials, add some glitter and sequins and match the masks with the attires.

Party Food Ideas

Budget-friendly food for New Year's Eve party

The food at parties doesn’t have to be extraordinary. You can explain to your friends that you would like to throw a party on a budget and that they should bring their own food (you can even turn it into a theme). Also, preparing interesting finger food and small bites along with snacks will save you both time and money.

Try preparing stuffed mushrooms. They will not only look nice but taste wonderful too. If you are a potato lover, you can try fried mashed potato balls. You can also make onion rings, crostinis, different types of dips, and pizzas. For the dessert, go for chocolate balls.

Party Games Ideas

Party games for adults and kids

Party games might be the most interesting part of New Year’s Eve. No matter if you are a teen, kid, or adult, there are a lot of games that don’t require spending a fortune on them, but provide you with excellent fun.

For Adults

The Highlights of the Year

Find online or make printable cards that show off questions to ask your guests about the year behind you. For instance, one card should have a question – What is the best moment of the year? Be creative and think about stories that have happened, the best movie you have seen, etc.

New Years Resolution Guess Game

Your guest should write their own New year’s resolutions on pieces of paper. You can collect the papers in a bowl or a jar and after mixing them try to guess which of these resolutions belongs to which guest.

Who Am I?

Everybody should write the name of a celebrity, book, fictional character, or sports superstar on a sticky note. Then place them on the forehead of the person next to them. Each person asks who am I, but you can only answer with yes or no.

Kids and Teens

M&M’s Challenge

You should buy several bags of M&M’s for your younger guests. They can empty the bags into a big bowl, then use straws to suck them and transfer them from one bowl to the other one. Players can’t use their hands!

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Write a list of the items you have hidden inside the house on a whiteboard. The kids should find all the items. The quickest one should get some small awards.

Ballon Wish

You can tell your kids to write their New Year’s resolutions and place those in ballons. Fill it with helium and secure it with a ribbon. Take out the kids just before the clock hits 12 to release the balloons.

Party Decorations

New Years Eve party decoration

If you didn’t plan to buy new stuff for party decor, don’t worry. There are many items in your home that can be repurposed. Look around your house and be creative. Make new candle holders of old bottles. Find the decor from the last few years and make it look new again.


Throwing a party on a budget is not so complicated. Talk with your friends about food and theme, and be creative when it comes to decor and games. You don’t need to spend a fortune in order to have a good time.

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