Essential Tips for a Successful Wedding Editorial Shoot

You’ve set the date, chosen your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses and picked the perfect venue. Now it’s time to plan for the perfect pictures.

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No one can stress the importance of capturing great wedding photos enough. Your wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important days – if not the most important day – of your life. After months of planning, the time will woosh by on the big day, and you need to capture the most special moments in time so you and your spouse can look back years later and smile. The last thing you want is a bunch of mediocre photos that make you feel frustrated when you look at them.

Though some of the blame for botched wedding photos could be put on the photographer, you as the bride and wedding planner have some responsibility when it comes to making sure you get the best snapshots possible. Read on to learn the most essential tips to make your wedding dress editorial shoot a success.

Set a Style, Theme and Photo Philosophy

Before you even think about anything else, consider what your ideal wedding photos would look like. There are generally three different types of photography styles for weddings. One is traditional, in which the photographer directs the shoots and you get mostly semi-staged and posed photos. Another style is photojournalistic, in which the photographer takes on the role of an observer and captures mostly candid shots. The third style is artistic, in which many photos will be taken at creative angles and the photographer will have a more unconventional approach.

Consider your wedding dress, wedding venue and the formality of your event. Also think hard about your own personal style and what you would want to look back on. Once you have a clear vision and photo philosophy, move on to choosing the photographer.

Choose a Great Wedding Dress Photographer

Bride and groom in suit and wedding dress

When you choose a photographer, it should be one who can capture theme and who supports your photo philosophy. You should have a high trust level concerning their skills, vision and aesthetics. They should have some ideas in mind for on-site shoots, backgrounds and wedding dress editorials.

Don’t be shy. Schedule an in-person meeting, be direct in asking for what you want and don’t be afraid to get his or her opinion. Go with your gut feeling on this one. If something seems off, keep looking until you find a photographer that you feel 100 percent enthusiastic about working with.

Now that you know what you need to do to get those picture-perfect snapshots, go scout some locations, grab your photographer and wedding dress and let the shooting begin!

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