Disney Princesses Inspired Outfits for Prom

There aren’t many opportunities for you to dress like your favorite Disney princess. However, the best occasion for that is definitely your prom night.

Prom night is a wonderful occasion for all high schoolers. It provides a perfect chance for you to wear a ball gown and dance like Cinderella. You can also channel your inner Belle, Ariel, or Aurora by picking some of these JJ’s House prom dresses. We have created some looks for you to get inspired and pick your favorite princess.

Turquoise like Ariel


If you are a fan of Ariel, chances are that you are passionate, love adventure and that you like to explore new things. How to match your prom dress with all these features? With this gorgeous off-the-shoulder evening dress. This turquoise color will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

The dress’ material is very pleasant, and the chiffon that falls with a crisscrossed bodice looks amazing. You can match it with nude sandals and nice sparkly earrings. Finish everything off with a small clutch.

Fuchsia Pink like Aurora


Aurora is kind, beautiful, elegant, and gentle as a person. That is also how we can describe this prom outfit. It is not only in her favorite shade, fuchsia, but also it perfectly imitates the dress she is wearing in the movie.

This ball gown with an off-the-shoulder neckline, lace bodice, and satin skirt will steal your heart when you try it. Also, it can help you win the heart of your prince or high school crush. Wear it with minimalistic jewelry and black strappy sandals.

Lilac like Rapunzel


Rapunzel is such a nice and beautiful character. She is fearless and determined to change her destiny and go away from her tower. This gorgeous dress is great if you would like to channel your inner Rapunzel.

The lace off-the-shoulder neckline and bodice are combined with chiffon that falls perfectly. Beading and sequins look so delicate, yet very effective. Wear it with shiny earrings and a clutch.

Blue like Cinderella

Sky Blue

Cinderella might be one of the most popular princesses in the Disney world. She is known for her gorgeous blue dress, crown, and glass heels. Along with her warm heart, she is gentle and kind towards those that actually don’t like her.

This dress has real princess vibes. The neckline is off-the-shoulder, with gorgeous white embroidery. The color of the dress will surely meet your expectations, especially if you want to look like Cinderella.

Yellow like Belle


Her love for books and free-thinking attitude are what make Belle a gorgeous Disney princess. Many girls would like to be exactly like her. With a prom dress from JJ’s House, you can achieve the look.

Daffodil is a wonderful shade for a dress. If you want to copy Belle, try this ball gown with an off-the-shoulder neckline and satin skirt. You can be sure that not only this color but the style of the dress will make you stand out from the crowd.

Oriental Blue like Jasmine


Adding some oriental vibes into your prom look can only make it look unique. Just like Jasmin, this look is exotic, yet very appropriate for young girls and proms. Jasmine is fearless, having no time for people who belittle her. If you find yourself in these words, then you should go for the look.

The spa is a mix of blue and turquoise colors that matches perfectly with this two-part prom dress. Gold details on the bodice as well as on the dress are what make this outfit exotic and very elegant.

Light Blue like Elsa

Light Blue

Playful yet very responsible and calm, sometimes even reserved – these are the words you can use to describe Elsa. If you find yourself in them, then it is time to see a prom outfit inspired by her.

Elsa is living her life in the winter castle. This prom dress with an asymmetric front reminds us of snow because of its unique shade – light blue. You can style it with silver jewelry, and finish it off with strappy sandals and a clutch in the same shade.

Green like Tiana


Tiana is a strong woman who doesn’t need anyone to do things for her. Her strong personality is mixed with intelligence and talent. Hardworking Tiana wears the most gorgeous dress in a beautiful green shade. Why don’t you give it a try for a prom night?

This utterly elegant ball gown with an A-line cut and sparkly details will surely make you look like a princess. The waist is decorated with sparkly rhinestones, while the rest of the dress is sophisticated and very classy. Finish off the look with pair of earrings, alongside a necklace and a clutch.

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