Changes You Need to Know About If You Are Planning a COVID-19 Wedding

No matter if you are planning your wedding or you are going as a guest, the fact that it is organized during the COVID-19 pandemic means unexpected changes. It is fair to say that every wedding from now on will look different, but what are the things you should pay attention to?

We gathered some of the most important changes that can sadly occur and cause you to postpone or even call off the wedding ceremony.

Vaccines and Testing will Affect the Planning

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While testing at weddings is totally new thing, this is not full protection for your guests. This can give you a false sense of security since you can’t know about those who are negative but still be contagious. It is only good for showing off those that are positive for more than four days.

When it comes to vaccines, they should definitely allow us to walk freely and our weddings to be more comfortable. More and more couples are getting vaccinated. According to wedding planners, their clients mandating testing and vaccinating.

Don’t Wait to Pick a Date

Since many couples postponed their weddings from last year, it is expected that venues will already be full for summer and fall weddings. So, if you have a chance to book a date, don’t wait for too long.

When you are picking a venue location, try to find something that can accommodate at least 100 and more people. Because if restrictions allow more guests, you will need a place where you can place more guests. Outdoor venues are perfect for this situation, as well as for the summer and fall seasons.

Figure Out The Budget

There are a few changes in your wedding budget that you need to count on. First of all, you need to add an extra cost for masks, sanitizers, and tests for Covid-19.

Many wedding planners agree on a fact that weddings will become more expensive in 2021 and 2022. Meaning, you will need to plan your budget smartly and think about cutting it where it is possible.

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Consider a Smaller Guest List

Being flexible is the most important thing you need for 2021 weddings. Planning a wedding with 300 guests simply isn’t recommended. Sit with your partner and go through your guest list. Highlight your must-haves so if any changes occur you will know who will surely be invited.

Hiring a Wedding Planner

Throughout 2020 many wedding couples realized how important wedding planners are. Postponing their wedding, communicating with vendors – all these things were not easy. However, with a wedding organizer, everything seems less stressful.

The main change this year that you should do is to hire a wedding planner. They come especially handy when you need to postpone the date, negotiate with vendors, and making your life before the wedding day less stressful.

Cover the Insurance

Many couples had problems last year since they didn’t have any insurance for their wedding date. When it comes to insurance, don’t hesitate to cover your wedding date this year.

Since the pandemic took over, insurance policy became a good idea for many couples. That is how you can be assured some things couldn’t be done without your permission, especially when amicable communications aren’t enough.

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Getting Used to ‘New Normal’

One of the most important changes you need to know about if you are planning a COVID-19 wedding is getting used to the ‘new normal.’ Weddings are not the same, and hopefully, we can all have a good time, even though some restrictions are going on.

Masks, testings, meals that reduce cross-contamination, even separate cake for your guests – these are all the things that are considered as a ‘new normal.’

However, don’t let these changes affect your mood. You can still have an amazing wedding date with a small guest list, outdoor, and even with your masks on. It is important how you feel. Be lucky that you can gather around your friends and family and don’t forget to dance.

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