Handy Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Dance Shoes

Dance shoes are expensive and require good care. When buying your dance shoes, there are factors you consider like longevity, support, and protection. To achieve all the factors, in return you should learn how to repair, store, clean and even how and when to wear your pair of shoes. There are different types of these dance shoes, and each needs special care, according to the material and heel of the shoe.

How to care for dance shoes

Leather shoes

Brushing your shoes is the best way to keep them in good shape. Always wipe off the dust and brush the shoes before storing them in the rack for the next dance. If there are particles on the soles that are stubborn, gently use a wire brush to clean them off. You can use silicon oil on patent shoes.

Satin shoes

Getting the dance shoes wet can stain them. Avoid using strong detergents when cleaning the shoes. It is recommended to use diluted white spirit mixed with water 50/50 to clean off any dirt on the shoes. Never use a wire brush on the satin because it will make them fray.

Canvas shoes

Dip the shoes gently in water and clean using a soft brush or sponge. Do not submerge the entire shoes in the water. Use fabric shampoo to clean them. Sundry the shoes stuffed with paper to maintain their shape. Never put the shoes in a dryer after cleaning them. This will cause them to shrink.

Suede shoes should be taken to a specialist for cleaning. Cleaning them with water will discolor or damage the material.

The Do’s of maintaining dance shoes

  1. Always store the shoes in a cool, dry place. Damp areas make them lose shape and smell.
  2. When repairing the shoes, do proper research on how best it should be done. Take the shoes to a specialist to do the repairs for you. DIY may be helpful, but ruin the shoes if not well done.
  3. Be very gentle when wearing or taking off the shoes. The lifespan of toe paws depends on how you wear and remove your pair.
  4. Only use proper clothing when wearing shoes. Use the right toe pads for each type of shoes. Socks prevent the growth of bacteria when worn with tap shoes.
  5. Only clean your shoes according to the recommended standards. Use the right shoe brush or wire brush to clean off the bottom.

The Don’ts of maintaining dance shoes

  1. Never store shoes in plastic bags. The need to breathe well and avoid sweating. Storing them in such bags will cause them to decay and smell.
  2. Repair all damages when necessary. Dancing with broken shoes may cause bodily harm like hairline fractures in your foot.
  3. Never wear your dance shoes out of the dancing hall or studio. They are not like ordinary street shoes. Most of the dance shoes do not have proper support for street walks.

Proper care of shoes leads to longevity and in return contribute to your good health. It is awful to have a bacterial infection due to poor management of shoes. Use of a shoe brush on the soles improves the friction of dance shoes. However, avoid using it on the upper side because it will cause severe damage. Only buy the appropriate replacement heels to replace the worn out heels.

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