How to Select the Perfect Bridal Shoes to Achieve Unique Looks

Even if your dress will hide your feet when standing still, your bridal shoes may peek out while walking, sitting, dancing, and as your new husband removes your garter. Various factors from your ceremony’s formality level and wedding gown’s length and color to your height influence your footwear choice. So does how long you can walk and stand in heels gracefully and comfortably. Your selection also needs to complement your figure and dress proportions.

Bridal Shoes

If your feet will be visible at any time on your special day, they need to look as spectacular as everything else does. Make a fashion statement by choosing from original yet bargain-priced JJ’s House styles, embellishments, materials, and colors. Consider ordering one fancy pair for the service and photographs and a comfortable second version for the reception. Keep spare lower heels or flats handy if you want to switch footwear for dancing. Before your big event, practice walking in new shoes to gain confidence.


Bridal Shoe Selection Pointers for Unique LooksSkip traditional and formal closed-toed pumps and go for something that’s cuter or more casual. Strappy open-toed sandals serve as unique bridal shoes with a flirty flair that’s ideal for warm weather. Choose heels for an elegant or evening ceremony. Bejeweled sandals suit an empire-waist or Grecian-inspired gown. For cooler months, hunt for peep-toe footwear with extra structure and coverage that offers glimpses of just a few toenails. These classic looks transition beautifully from day to night.

You may be leaning toward high heels to feel feminine or look taller during your grand entrance and exit. Fashionable alternatives include platforms. If you’re short, both will extend your stature. They also pair well with shorter dresses because they’ll elongate your legs. If you want to combine extra height with comfort, shop for wedges. They suit daytime celebrations and all figures. For a rustic, country, or barn wedding, you may think cowboy boots are fitting. At JJ’s House, you can upgrade to chic bridal boots for a more polished appearance. Browse our Boots category under Shoes for many other possibilities from rugged to sexy.

Choose kitten heels if you’re tall or flats for comfort. Are you an eccentric bride or sports fan who prioritizes pampering your feet? Check out Sneakers & Athletic under Shoes. Adding such an unexpected personalization will give your bash an exciting and playful edge. Wear flat sandals or flip-flops for a casual beach or garden wedding instead of skinny heels to avoid sinking into the sand or grass. They go well with long, flowy Grecian goddess and Boho style gowns. For a relaxed but romantic beach celebration, try our barefoot sandals with delicate upper lace appliques.


Wedding footwear frills look best when they’re similar to your gown’s adornments. Pick bridal shoes with distinctive accents like dazzling rhinestones to flaunt a unique pizzazz that suits a formal affair. Other exquisite options include crystals, glitter, pearls, flowers, ruffles, ribbons, bows, and tassels. Filter your search by Hollow-out for some stunningly revealing designs. A shorter length dress will show off your lavishly embellished slippers.


Your bridal shoe’s materials should complement your dress and avoid clashing with it. Rather than matching your slippers to your gown exactly, find something with a less conspicuous matt finish than your dress fabric. Footwear with a higher sheen will outshine your gown, especially in bright indoor or outside lighting. Consider wedding shoes with material variations such as elegant lace for a vintage look over classic satin. More possibilities range from leather and suede to mesh and sparkling glitter.


If you want to match your gown’s rare shade exactly, filter your search for dyeable shoes. Instead of customary white or ivory that resembles your dress, try unexpected tones. If you’re a fashion-forward bride, use colorful slippers to convey your personality under your white gown. Skip safe choices like pastel pink, blue, and lavender. Instead, go for anything bright that pops from hot pink to red to purple.

Embrace the trend of using your footwear as your something blue but make it a vibrant shade. Coordinate vivid shoes with a color from your gown’s embellishments, bouquet, bridesmaids’ dresses, or centerpieces to create a striking balance. Other alternatives that contrast with white elegantly are glamorous metallic like silver, champagne, and gold. They’ll complete your look beautifully when they reflect your wedding jewelry’s tone.

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