Best Prom Proposal Inspirations to Make Her Say Yes

How to propose your girl to be your prom partner

Prom season is just around the corner. It’s that magical time of the year where most students spend their time selecting their attire for the most awaited night of the year. Girls are on their phones or desktops looking for the perfect prom dresses online. Or, they could be at the mall looking for dress inspirations.

A-Line V-neck Floor-Length Tulle Prom Dresses With Lace Beading Sequins Split Front

Prom Dress: 220228

While the girls are busy looking for their prom dresses and accessories, the boys are thinking of ways on how to make their prom proposals unique and extra special. Popping the question, “Will you go to prom with me?” is quite hard for some. They need to muster up all the confidence and courage. Meanwhile, we have gathered some of the inspirational prom proposals you can refer to.

Firefighter’s Prom Proposal

Cornacchia is a firefighter, and the way he proposed to his girlfriend surprised us all. Standing on the ladder truck of the Fire Department, with a big banner saying, “BrittanyT. PROM?” Hanging halfway in the air, he yelled, “Is it a YES?” Obviously, the answer was a yes, it might have been a yes, no matter who the girl was because of Cornacchia’s way of proposing was just amazing. Brittany claims that this became the highlight of the year.

The Highlight of the Year - Will Cornacchia's Prom Proposal to Brittany

The Songwriter’s Way

Jason Pitt, a songwriter, and a musician proposed to Lianna by writing a song and sang it for her. With the help of his friends, he was able to surprise her. According to Jason, he walked into the girl’s third period, unannounced, playing the guitar. You can see more about the surprise prom proposal on the following video. 

Video credits to Jason Pitt

Proposal at a Famous TV Show

How about writing a letter to Ellen DeGeneres to help set up an unforgettable promposal too? Josh secretly wrote a letter to Ellen asking for help on his prom proposal for McKenna. McKenna was a huge fan of Ellen and so when she was invited to the show, she made her appearance without any knowledge about Josh’s idea. The next thing that happened would be the surprise prom proposal. Watch the video below.

Video credits to TheEllenShow

The Writer’s Proposal

A high school student wrote a review in the school paper, where he asked the girl to prom. @bonechilled tweeted this way back in 2015 however until now, we still find it so unique. In the writer’s notes, it says, “Bergen Gardner, read the first letter of each paragraph, then read the last letter of each paragraph.”

So Unique Prom Proposal From  a Writer

The Best of Friendship

Friends are sometimes annoying, however you can always depend on them especially with proposals. Having your friends take part in your prom proposal is already a very big help. If you are not confident enough to do it alone, your friends can give you a hand.

Friends Taking Part in Prom Proposal with Song Lyrics on Banners

Be Creative with Food

Doughnuts, cakes, or pizzas. You can be creative using these snacks when asking your girl to go to prom with you. Your girl will also love sweets. Aside from being yummy, it also boosts her happy hormones.

Sweet & Yummy Donuts to Ask Her to Prom

Make Use of Your Favorites when Proposing

It could be your favorite sports, hobby, or any interests that you want to incorporate in your proposal. If you are a baseball player, you can use baseball terms written on the baseball ball when proposing. The same goes for those who love rock climbing.

Rock Climbing Inspired Prom Proposal

Involve Your Pets

Puppy, fish, horse, or any favorite pet you have, you can give them a role to have a cute and adorable prom proposal. Puppies are so sweet, fishes are so unique, and horses are so gorgeous.

Adorable Dog to Ask Ultimate Question 'Prom?' on Behalf of His Master

Flowers for a Romantic Proposal

Flowers are not new when it comes to proposal however using flowers such as red roses is considerably romantic. It practically sets the mood of both of you. You may give her a bouquet of roses and some chocolates with a note asking her to prom. Or, maybe, be more creative by filling up an area with petals in a heart shape with the proposal in the middle.

Romantic Prom Proposal - Heart Shape Outlined with Candles & Red Roses with the Ultimate Question in the Middle, PROM?


Don’t let your prom proposal be a plain one – let it make history like the ones you just read on. Get some ideas from these amazingly creative prom proposals. It only happens once or twice. So, boys should buck up the courage to propose to their lady loves. You might have been planning this special night for ages so make the best out it.

Prom Dance - Aim for the Title, King and Queen of the Night
Prom Dress: 175919

Usually, two lucky students get to wear a crown for the queen and the king. And, they become the center of attention throughout the night. For sure, you guys are also aspiring to be the queen and king of the night. So, do not miss out on this amazing night, as you might be regretting it once you grow up and look back in time.

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