Best Home Workouts: How to Exercise at Home for Women

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While the Covid-19 crisis is still going on around the world, many gym studios have closed their doors to prevent the spread of the virus. Does that mean you can’t practice and stay in good shape? Absolutely no because there are many workouts you can do at home. And guess what? Some of them don’t necessarily require tons of equipment.

For someone who works out regularly, it is crucial to continue exercising at home. First of all, it will influence your mental health as well, and we need to stay sane in these unpredictable times. It is also important to keep up with your routine and to maximize your productivity at home.

Below, we have rounded up several workouts that you need to try. If you were looking for new workout gear or outfit, don’t worry – we got you covered there as well. Let’s start with fashion first, shall we?

The Outfits of At-home Workouts

Some might think it is not important how you look when you practice at home. We won’t agree with that statement. Good quality activewear that is pleasant and makes you feel cozy is something that you must have. Here are some of our suggestions:

Sports Bra and Shorts

There is nothing better than a classic. A sports bra and shorts match will make you feel good while working out. This set is made of skin-friendly material that is body-hugging, but it makes you feel comfortable at the same time.

Simple Classic Skin-Friendly Stretchable Sports Polyester Sport Bras Sports Shorts
ID: 234115

Tank Top with Open Back

This tank top is one of those things that you buy for training and you end up wearing all day long. It is so pleasant to wear, with an interesting open back. You can be sure this top will match with all your leggings.

Modern/Contemporary Simple Sports Polyester Tank Top
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Grey Top and Leggings Set

Looking sexy while working out can only give you more motivation for training. This outfit provides that feeling, you can be sure. Thigh and stretchy material is perfect for showing off your post-workout body.

Modern/Contemporary Outdoor Nylon Sports Tee & Leggings
ID: 234107

Strappy Sports Bra

This might be your new favorite bra. It looks more of a crop top, but it holds everything in place while you exercise. Stripes at the front are interesting and can peak below a sweatshirt or a blouse when you are working out outdoors.

Modern/Contemporary Nylon Sport Bras
ID: 234070

Strength Training Workouts

Now when you are all dressed up and ready to continue with training, we will show you some of our favorite exercises. The most important thing about these workouts is that you won’t be needing any equipment. You will only practice and improve your body strength. However, if you do need any sports tools, this is where you can find them.

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Legs and Glutes Workouts

Lunges: You can try back, front and side-to-side lunges to straighten your legs and glutes. The lunges are an excellent exercise for large muscles on our lower bodies. If you want to get your heart rate up, then go for jump lunges.

Squats: If you think about any exercise that you have to do to make your legs and glutes look perfect, then we have one word for you – squats. You can try air squats, sumo, jump squats, and weighted squats. If you wish to work with the weight you can use a bigger bottle or buy a dumbbell.

Step-Ups: For this exercise, you will need some help. Find a steady box or bench so you can do low-impact step-ups. You can practice balance and build strength with this exercise. You can also hold a big bottle to add more weight, rather than your body weight.

Wall Sits: Even though many would think this is not effective exercise, it is not quite true. Just try it – you will quickly feel your glutes and legs burn! Work for 30 seconds and then rest for the same amount of time. Glute Bridge: If you need something to warm-up the glutes and legs before continuing with other exercises, then make sure to incorporate glute bridges into your routine. Make sure to engage your core in order to engage the glutes. You can start with a simple glute bridge and then try a single-leg bridge if you can.

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Abs and Arms Workouts

Planks: Planks are not only popular, but they are also one of the most effective workouts. Planks do benefit the entire body, not only abs and arms. It might be an easy exercise, but it is not. It requires a lot of stability and strength. You can do a classic plank, and then try side-plank if you can.

Dips: With the help of a chair you can do dips. This exercise is great for building up your arms, tricep muscles, and core. 

Push-Ups: Push-ups are great for every muscle in your body, especially building up your core and upper body. If you can’t do the regular one, try dropping to your knees.

Full-Body Workouts

Mountain-climbers: This full-body workout builds strength and cardiovascular stamina. It is enough for you to include mountain-climbers workout into your daily routine. There are two ways to do it: fast and slow. The first one will get your heart rate up while slow one will engage the core for getting gorgeous abs.

Burpees: If you are interested to try some plyometric exercise, then go for burpees. You can finish any workout with this exercise and get your heart rate a bit up. There are several ways to do burpees, and it is on you to choose the one that suits you the best.

Exercise at Home should be lasting

Other Exercise Ideas

Other exercise ideas that you can include in your daily workout routine can include cardio and full-body workouts.

If you want to works your whole body, then try the full-body cardio challenge. There are many trainers that make challenges on social media to engage more people to work out.

A 30-minute cardio workout is great for people that are busy or want to get sweaty between Zoom calls with their colleagues. You should try something like that.

No matter which of these exercises you pick, it is important to keep your training routine.

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