Graduation Party Dress Up Tips

Graduation is one of the biggest events in our lives. According to that, we should carefully pick an outfit for it, taking care of every single detail. Sound intimidating for you? Don’t worry, we have gathered some of the best graduation party dress up tips that will surely help.

One way to look stunning at your graduation is to be yourself. Follow your personal style and don’t experiment too much when picking out an outfit. If your graduation is just around the corner, consider this guide is your salvation.

Choose the Color Adequately

Whether or not you are in the mood for exploring new styles and shades, consider this – a graduation is indeed a formal event. Nevertheless, choosing the color of your outfit adequately is very important. It will not only show off your personal style but also represent your modesty and character.

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Stylists recommend avoiding bright, vivid shades that attract too much attention. However, black, grey, jewel tones, as well as darker shades of red, burgundy, and pink are always good choices for a graduation party.

Even if your school has robes that are in a certain color, you can always go with a shade that you like. And it doesn’t matter if they match. It is important for you to like it, and that it is trendy.

Pick the Right Style of Your Attire

Since graduation is a formal event, you want something that you wear to be elegant and appropriate. Shorts, sneakers, and short dresses simply are not appropriate for this kind of event. On the other hand, you should always ask yourself first – is this something I would like to wear?

When picking the style of dress or graduation party attire, you should find something that suits you perfectly. Also, that should be something that you feel comfortable wearing. Choose material wisely, since you will spend some time in the dress. Go for silk, satin, and chiffon – they are the best options for formal attires.

We suggest going for knee or midi length. The asymmetric cut and halter neckline of this blush pink dress is stunning for a graduation party.

Know How Formal You Should Be

We know how easy it is to fall into trap of being way-to-formal or super casual. You certainly shouldn’t wear jeans and sneakers to your graduation party. No matter how much you want to look casual, that is simply not the way to celebrate that important day.

On the other hand, choosing a ball gown might make you feel uncomfortable and you can feel like you have gone over the line in formality.

Try to make a balance. It is not easy but it is achievable. You can do that by picking one of those basic colors, mixing them with interesting cuts, and fabrics.

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Pick The Right Shoes

Alongside the dress, shoes are a crucial part of your graduation party attire. You need to pick them very carefully. Bear in mind that you will be walking and standing a lot, potentially dance. That is why your shoes should be not only trendy but also very comfortable.

Wedges, classic pumps, block, and kitten heels are great since they are comfy and stylish. Metallic kitten heel sandals are the perfect choice for dance. They are also very versatile – they go with any style.

Keep in Mind the Weather and Season

If your graduation occurs in winter, go for darker shades, jewel tones, mustard, or navy blue. Staying warm and stylish might not be the easiest thing to do but with the right materials and layering, you can definitely do it.

Spring and summer call for more bright colors, but you should stay minimal. Materials can be weightless like satin and chiffon.

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Choose the Accessories

Besides picking the right shoes, you should take some time and pick the right pieces of jewelry and bag. We recommend buying a dress first and then matching it with an appropriate clutch and jewelry.

A delicate silver clutch with a small buckle is one of those ready-to-wear items that you need to have in your wardrobe.

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