7 Key Points to Find the Suitable Mother of the Bride Dress

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Every mother of the bride can follow some basic standards when choosing the most appropriate outfit for her daughter’s big day. Bridget, our example, and Mona, her mom, are using the latest tips and trends to guide their search. And so can you, while shopping for your fashionable, reasonably priced, and suitable mother of the bride dress.

Start Early

In general, when shopping for the wedding dress, mom should also look for hers. The recommended time is 6 months before the wedding day. It should give enough time to find something that’s favorable and suitable.

Matching Attires - Bonding Between the Mother of the Bride and the Bride before the Wedding Ceremony Starts
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Discuss the Wedding’s Theme

Since both women will appear in group shots, Bridget talks to her mom about her ceremony’s theme, style, and color palette. She shows her mom, Mona, any purchases and images she’s collected as visual resources to help her MOB dress quest.

Popular Mother of the Bride Gowns - A-Line, Floor-Length, Grape, Dark Navy, Chiffon & Lace
Dress ID: 225583, 225566

Bridget showed the two dresses to her mom. They are very similar in style – both in A-line and are floor-length dresses. The difference lies in the color, the neckline, and the sleeves.

Consider the Setting

The nuptials’ setting or location, season, and time influence the attire. For instance, the floor-length sparkly gown suits an evening ballroom, but not a morning or brunch wedding. Mona can wear that strapless dress to a beach celebration – not a church service. Meanwhile, she can slip a jacket over that revealing choice to make it chapel appropriate. Mom might pick a tea-length or knee-length for a rustic, vineyard, or garden ceremony to prevent a long, flowing frock from brushing dirt paths or dewy grass. When cultural or religious customs require covering up, add a wrap.

Strapless Tea-length Mother of the Bride Dress with Matching Wrap, Perfect for Chapel and Outdoor Weddings
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Think Classic Sophistication

Designing Mona’s outfit around Bridget’s formality level, style, length, and color will complement the bride’s theme and gown. She should appear attractive and age-appropriate yet understated to avoid upstaging the leading lady. However, a conservative, matronly, or frumpy sack with a stiff, boxy jacket is unnecessary. Think classic sophistication instead. Various fashion-forward options will help Mona look and feel glamorous without seeming showy. Her choice needs to be in line with the wedding party from a long elegant frock to a lovely cocktail dress to a chic shorter with soft wrap. If their favorites don’t match, something that pleases Bridget and fits her mom comfortably is a good compromise. A silhouette Mona can wear on other occasions is a keeper. Also choose some delicate accessories to upgrade her classic style like a Kentucky derby hat.

Ladies' Glamourous Cambric Bowler/Cloche Hats/Kentucky Derby Hats/Tea Party Hats
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Take Cues from Wedding Hues

Traditionally speaking, suitable mother of the bride dresses should complement instead of clashing with the special day’s shades. But, mom has more choices than boring beige. If Bridget prefers coordinated looks, she can suggest that Mona match her bridal party’s color scheme exactly. A close alternative to the bridesmaids’ lavender or lilac could be another variation in the purple family. Stunning mother of the bride dress hues also include sweet pastels (pinks, yellows, blues, and greens), rich jewel tones (dark green, burgundy, and royal blue), champagne, metallic, navy, and chocolate brown.

Sky Blue Bridesmaid Dresses for the Outdoor Summer or Spring Wedding

To honor her daughter, Mona knows to follow the custom of avoiding white, ivory, and any other color that might mimic or compete with Bridget’s bridal gown, the event’s true star. She also skips flashy shades like red and mourning standards like black for her suitable mother of the bride dress. But, shifting trends see moms looking tastefully chic in those unexpected hues today. Elegant midnight is perfect for a modern black-and-white wedding. Click on any JJ’s House style to view its available colors.

Choose Charming Embellishments

As the bride’s mother, Mona will garner attention on Bridget’s long-awaited day. Considering the amount of skin she wants to show is as important as what will flatter her body type. Transparent sleeves are striking and subtly sexy while masking any flaws. Thanks to royal fashion choices, classic, everlasting lace is trending for brides and their moms. Look for this sheer delicate fabric creating semi-coverage over otherwise bare necks, shoulders, arms, and backs. Bodice and skirt overlays also may feature this regal embellishment.

Mother of the Bride Dress Prettified by Cascading Ruffled Hem, Low-Heeled Silver Sandals and Silver Clutch to Match
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Bring on the becoming Bohemian flare with a tiered skirt. Soft layers drape gracefully with a dreamy quality. Cascading ruffles look feminine at all ages. If Bridget and her bridesmaids’ gowns will flaunt sparkly effects at her evening celebration, Mona’s can too. She might show off a brooch, beading, or sequins for a little shimmer without outshining her daughter. Sheer, lace and bedazzled wraps add vintage charm and romance to many silhouettes.

Coordinate with the Groom’s Mother

The long-standing tradition that the mother of the bride dress sets the tone for the mother of the groom dress is declining. Feeling comfortable and confident surpass matching each other as long as they avoid clashing. So, Mona calls Greta, the mother of the groom, to discuss harmonizing necklines, sleeves, hemline lengths, styles, and colors. If both want to don an identical hue, switching shade variations will create a balanced blend.

Aisle March: Mother of the Groom in Ink Blue Dress, Groom and Father of the Groom in Their Suits
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Choosing the mother of the bride dress is as hard as finding the most magnificent wedding dress for the bride. That also applies to the mother of the groom dresses. Both moms will for sure attract the attention of the crowd, which makes them more responsible in choosing the best and the most impeccable wedding attires that ensure to wow the guests. Adding to that, get your hair and makeup done and try to relish each moment of the wedding. We hope that the guidelines used by Bridget (the bride), Mona (the mother of the bride), and Greta (mother of the groom) will also be helpful in your hunt for the most fitting and fascinating dresses for the mother of the bride and groom.

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