2021 Wedding Decoration_ 8 Decor Ides You Need to See

Outdoor weddings will continue to occur this year. Due to the pandemic, many couples decided to take things into the woods, gardens, and other outdoor venues.

2021 wedding decoration follows the trends of outdoor weddings. Big balloons, pastel colors, and giant paper flowers are just some of the trends that are IN this year.

We have researched some of the most popular wedding decorations to provide a source of inspiration for future brides and grooms. If you were thinking about a summer wedding, keep reading and get inspired.

1.Big Balloons

Balloons are quickly becoming one of the favorite wedding decor details. But please, they need to be huge! The best part about the balloons is that they can match any wedding theme. This year, use them as outdoor decor, in combination with flowers.

You can set the balloon wreath at the aisle, or as the place where you will take photos with your guests. This can be an amazing way for your guests to relax and make some wonderful Instagram pictures.

2.Pantone Color of the Year Decor

Like every year, Pantone has chosen the color of the year. However, in 2021 two colors were selected – Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. The first is a light soft grey shade, while the second is a vibrant yellow, perfect for summer weddings.

Pantone describes these colors as “two independent colors that highlight how different elements come together to support one another”. Meaning, you can use them together in your wedding decor, or opt for details that will be in grey or yellow shade.

3.Neon Letter Signs

Neon letter signs have been appearing at every wedding we have seen this year. No surprise, since it is an interesting part of wedding decoration. You can write on them whatever you want, from your monograms to your favorite song rhymes.

Neon signs can be in different colors. Depending on the wedding theme you can opt for more or less vivid shades. If you want to stay neutral, then the safe option is to go for a white or light pink shade.

4.DIY 2021 Wedding Decor

You can now show off everything you have learned in quarantine. If your wedding was postponed last year, now is the time to show off your skills and do some DIY wedding decor.

Crafting meaningful parts of wedding decor can be a wonderful opportunity to bond with your bridesmaids. You can create flower arrangements, decor for chairs, signs, and so many other things. Having fun was never easier!

5.Acrylic Decor

Acrylic as a part of wedding decor is still going strong this year. If you are in doubt about how to make invitations, signs, or any other part of the decor, go for acrylic.

The transparent decor will surely be attractive. Whatever you add on acrylic tables, invitations,  or number cards will be visible and suitable for all guests so they can clearly see where they should sit or go.

6.Fairytale-Inspired Lighting

No matter if you are making an indoor or outdoor wedding, when the sun goes down it’s time for lighting to shine. This year, delicate almost fairytale lighting is in trend. You should definitely consider it since it is a big part of your wedding decor.

You can put lighting as a central part or everywhere around the venue. We suggest making it nice and romantic but be careful not to over-light everything.

7.Colorful Chairs

Believe it or not, the chairs that you are using for your wedding can change the wedding’s look in an instant. Popular gold chairs stay this year as well, but they were overthrown by colorful ones. Bright, vivid shades of pink took place and amazed many guests.

You can go one step further and choose chairs that are made of plush. They are modern and can be easily incorporated into minimal and classic wedding themes.

8.Old-School Decor

If you are thinking about that old china that is in your basement forever, then it is time to get it out from the box. The 2021 wedding decoration is all about old-school decor.

A combination of garden, granny’s china, and flowers give you an amazing decoration mix for a summer wedding. Don’t be afraid to add details, ceramic vases, and other small decor pieces to every guest table.

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