10 Vintage-Inspired Wedding Veils to Match Your Theme

As a bride, your appearance on your wedding day matters. The type of veil you wear will either amplify your beauty, hide it or show it in less detail. Vintage-inspired wedding veils are not only timeless, but they complement every gown too. If you’re a vintage lover, here are some great vintage-inspired veil choices to spice up your big day.

A bride and a groom on their wedding

  1. Birdcage Veil

If you’re a lady who loves mystery, this veil is for you. It creates a perfect sense of mystery without completely concealing your face. What’s more, there are plenty of exquisite types in various forms and designs, so you’re spoilt for choice.

  1. Flyaway Veil

This excellent choice allows your face to be seen and adds a great sense of purity to you. It’s attached to the topmost part of your head with a comb, which allows it to stay put despite the weather condition. It can be worn in many different styles, but most brides prefer donning it away from the face.

  1. Juliet Cap Veil

This is one of the veils that screams vintage. Getting its name from one of Shakespeare’s famous characters, Juliet, this elegant piece holds on to the head tight and is supported by a beautiful crown of flowers.

  1. Mantilla Veil

The mantilla veil is a classical jewel from the country of Spain. It’s best for you if you have hair that hangs loosely, it will complement it perfectly. Like the flyaway, a comb offers it steady support. It’s pleasantly falling design is bound to catch any eye.

  1. Drop Veil

This veil is a perfect choice for you if you love glamour with a touch of grace. It’s designed to appear as if it’s gently falling off your head without actually falling. Its great long-at-the-front-and-longer-at-the-back design is doubtlessly alluring.

  1. Halo Veil

The simplicity of this veil is its main attraction. It’s held in place by a headpiece and hangs freely over your head and torso. You can choose the headpiece to suit your style, whether jewel type or floral if you wish.

  1. Simple Boho Veil

This piece works best for you if you’re young or if you crave a romantic look. It perfectly complements a flowing gown and leaves the entire face uncovered.

  1. Classic Cathedral Veil

This formal beauty has a classy combination of tulle that enables it to maintain its support. It goes well with any choice of hairdo and flows from the head all the way to the feet.

  1. Bubble Blusher

This veil is not only a darling to many because of its uniqueness, but its ability to create an added-height illusion to you if you’re short. It’s better emphasized with a sophisticated updo and a stylish gown. It’s a perfect combination of vintage and contemporary style.

  1. Angel Cut Veil

Also referred to as the cascade cut veil and waterfall cut veil, this beautiful veil gives you the appearance of an angel as they fly. The elegant v-formation style design gives it that enticing waterfall look as it gently drapes at the back.

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